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Young Guns News Roundup #10B (04/03/2007)
By Fabio
Date: 4/3/2007
Young Guns News Roundup #10B (04/03/2007)

On with the French side of the (three-sided) coin: the final stages of Tour de Normandie (and another event in the same region), more glory for Trofimov, Franck Perque, Derangere and the Breton Arm(or)ada. Polish riders enjoy one Sunday in the sun.

Our French part of this Young Guns Review starts with the second half of the Tour de Normandie, whose past stages we reported on in our last roundup (see link at the bottom of the page)

From High to Low: Thursday's fifth stage at Le Tour de Normandie took the peloton from the Haute Normandie (High Normandy) town of Elbeuf-sur-Seine to Flers in the Basse Normandie (Low Normandy) area over 189 kilometres. From Low to High: Andrey Klyuev (Moscow Stars) walked the opposite way as, after an impressive series of good results, but no wins in the bag (took fifth at Route Atlantique, was runner-up at Tour du Labourd, snatched third at Circuit de la Nive, got top three results in both Essor Basque stages and the final GC, and finished third at Circuit des Quatre Cantons, showing some uncommon abilities to miss victory by a whisker...) FINALLY succeeded in put end to his own string of non-winning performances. The Russian opened his 2007 account - and stopped Mattia Gavazzi from winning one stage after another - as he outsprinted his Italian breakaway companion Mirko Allegrini. They went clear about 50 km from the finish and worked well together to each other's advantage.

Earlier into the stage it was Martin Garrido (Duja-Tavira) that stole the limelight: the fast Argentine, two seconds down on GC leader Lars Boom at the startline, won the first Hot Spot Sprint, thus becoming race leader on the road, and… got a helping hand from a teammate of his at the second sprint. It happened straight in the front of the TV cameras, so that the jury couldn’t help sanctioning the guy for that "teamwork". Not the first time such actions happen in cycling, certainly not the last one.

The mighty Kio-Ene-DMT may have missed line honours this time, but sure they took some big solace as Gavazzi's team-mate Allegrini moved atop the overall standings of the race; Lars Boom, in the lead since Monday's opener, got kicked out of the top ten spots, but his role as GC contender was taken over by compatriot and fellow Rabo-boy Martijn Maaskant, that made his way up to second place, with the same (GC) time as Denmark's Kristoffer Nielsen, who at his turn led home the main bunch at 39". Both the Dutch rider and the Dane are currently trailing 1981-born Mirko Allegrini, a former pro with Panaria for two years, by a dozen secs. Stage victory put Andrey Kluyev in position number four, twenty seconds behind the man he pipped on the line Flers.

Stage 5 (Elbeuf-sur-Seine to Flers, 188 km): Top 5 Places
1. Andrey Klyuev (Rus - Moscow Stars) - 04h48'56"
2. Mirko Allegrini (Ita - Kio Ene-DMT) - s.t.
3. Kristoffer Nielsen (Den - Team GLS) - at 39""
4. Jurgen Roelandts (Bel - Davitamon-Win For Life-J. Vlaanderen) - s.t.
5. David Le Lay (Fra - Bretagne-Armor Lux) - s.t.

27th Tour de Normandie - GC after Stage 5: Top 10 Places:
1. Mirko Allegrini (Ita - Kio Ene-Dmt) - 13h13'18"
2. Martijn Maaskant (Hol - Rabobank Espoirs) - at 12"
3. Kristoffer Nielsen (Den - Team GLS) - at 12"
4. Andrey Klyuev (Rus - Moscow Stars) - at 20"
5. Jurgen Roelandts (Bel - Davitamon-WFL-J. Vlaanderen) - at 30"
6. David Le Lay (Fra - Bretagne-Armor Lux) - at 30"
7. Franck Charrier (Fra - CC Nogent-sur-Oise) - at 40"
8. Jan Almblad (Den - Team GLS) - at 49"
9. Tom Leezer (Hol - Rabobank Espoirs) - at 01'07"
10. Tobias Erler (Ger - Team 3C-Gruppe Lamonta) - at 01'08"

Rabobank may have been badly hit by their Italian rivals over the past few days, but being as dangerous as wounded lions they stroke back Friday. First across the line of the fifth stage, from Donfromt to Condé-sur-Noireau over 208 km, was the Belgian Kristof De Zutter (Davitamon-Win For Life-Jong Vlaanderen), who beat Jean Luc Delpeche of Bretagne-Armor Lux - five stages are gone, and the French are still looking for their first victory... - in the bunch sprint of a small front group; but Rabo's own Martijn Maaskant took the overall lead from Mirko Alllegrinii, who at his turn had toppled Maaskant's teammate Lars Boom the day before.

It was the Dutch squad that took over the chase to the six-man "breakaway of the day", and made the stage hard to put Allegrini's yellow jersey under threat; their efforts were eventually rewarded. With just two stages left, we've got two Mini-Rabos in the podium spots, as Tom Leezer trails the new leader by 59 seconds. But in between them stands the most serious threat to another year of Dutch domination of the leaderboard: Kristoffer Nielsen, the mighty Dane keeps Maaskant within striking distance.

Stage 6 (Domfront to Condé-sur-Noireau, 208 km): Top 5 Places
1. Kristof De Zutter (Bel - Davitamon-Win For Life-J. Vlaanderen) - 05h15'37" (39.542 km/h)
2. Jean-Luc Delpech (Fra - Bretagne-Armor Lux) - s.t.
3. Martijn Maaskant (Hol - Rabobank Espoirs) - at 03"
4. Jan Bakelants (Bel - Davitamon-Win For Life-J. Vlaanderen) - s.t.
5. Tomas Buchacek (Cze - PSK Whirlpool Hradec Králové) - s.t.

27th Tour de Normandie - GC after Stage 6: Top 10 Places:
1. Martijn Maaskant (Hol - Rabobank Espoirs) - 18h29'06" (40,560 km/h)
2. Kristoffer Nielsen (Den - Team GLS) - at 08"
3. Tom Leezer (Hol - Rabobank Espoirs) - at 59"
4. Andrey Klyuev (Rus - Moscow Stars) - at 01'53"
5. David Le Lay (Fra - Bretagne-Armor Lux) - at 02'03"
6. Mirko Allegrini (Ita - Kio Ene-Dmt) - at 02'06"
7. Lars Boom (Hol - Rabobank Espoirs) - at 02'24"
8. Paul van Schalen (Hol - Ubbink-Syntec Cycling Team) - at 02'33"
9. Edvald Boasson Hagen (Nor - Team Maxbo-Bianchi) - at 02'34"
10. Kristof De Zutter (Bel - Davitamon-WFL-J. Vlaanderen) - at 02'43"

A French success at last! Noan Lelarge (Bretagne Armor-lux) soloed in for the win in Saturday's seventh and penultimate stage of the Tour of Normandy, covering 164 kilometres between Condé-sur-Noireau and Bagnoles-de-l'Orne town, and gave the disappointed home fans something to cheer for. He completed a successful breakaway of about 160 km, with Martin Garrido (Arg - Duja Tavira) and Jaroslaw Rebiewski (Pol - CCC-Polsat) besides him for some time. The bunch was led home by Edvald Boasson Hagen and Mattia Gavazzi at 49 seconds. No news from the top ten places overall, with Martijn Maaskant still keeping a small lead over Kristoffer Nielsen, and a fourth straight GC victory in the race for the Rabobank Continental team just one stage away.

Stage 7 (Condé-sur-Noireau to Bagnoles, 164 km)
Top 5 Places

1. Noan Lelarge (Fra - Bretagne-Armor Lux) - 03h50'20"
2. Edvald Boasson Hagen (Nor - Team Maxbo-Bianchi) - at 49"
3. Mattia Gavazzi (Ita - Kio Ene-Dmt) - s.t.
4. Mathieu Drujon (Fra - Auber 93) - s.t.
5. Mariusz Wiesiak (Pol - Nippo Corporation-Meitan Hompo) - s.t.

27th Tour de Normandie - GC after Stage 7: Top 10 Places:
1. Martijn Maaskant (Hol - Rabobank Espoirs) - 22h20'15" (40,560 km/h)
2. Kristoffer Nielsen (Den - Team GLS) - at 08"
3. Tom Leezer (Hol - Rabobank Espoirs) - at 59"
4. Andrey Klyuev (Rus - Moscow Stars) - at 01'53"
5. David Le Lay (Fra - Bretagne-Armor Lux) - at 02'03"
6. Mirko Allegrini (Ita - Kio Ene-Dmt) - at 02'06"
7. Edvald Boasson Hagen (Nor - Team Maxbo-Bianchi) - at 02'28"
8. Paul van Schalen (Hol - Ubbink-Syntec Cycling Team) - at 02'33"
9. Kristof De Zutter (Bel - Davitamon-WFL-J. Vlaanderen) - at 02'43"
10. Tomas Buchanek (Cze - PSK Whirlpool Hradec Králové) - at 02'46"

After Thomas Dekker (race champion in the year 2003) and Kai Reus ("gold medallist" in the past two editions) the Rabobank Espoirs powerhouse extended their winning streak up to four straight overall wins at the Tour de Normandie: Martijn Maaskant held on to his overall lead in Sunday's final stage, going from Bagnoles-de-l'Orne to Normandy's main city Caen over 142 km.

The last effort came down to a bunch sprint, with three-stage winner Mattia Gavazzi denied a fourth success by the sprinting legs of Edvald Hagen Boasson (Team Maxbo Bianchi); the young and extremely talented fastman from Norway was finally able to take his revenge on the Italian after multiple stage losses to Gavazzi both in Normandie and earlier at the Istrian Spring Trophy. Another sprinter to watch out for, Jurgen Roelandts of Belgium, was third in the stage.

The Rabos also got Tom Leezer on the overall podium, with Kristoffer Nielsen of Denmark in between the two Dutch guys. The French finished the race with just one victory out of eight stages in the bag, and one man in the top ten spots, both courtesy of riders from the Bretagne-Armor Lux team.

Stage 8 (Bagnoles de l’Orne to Caen, 142 km)
Top 5 Places

1. Edvald Boasson Hagen (Nor - Team Maxbo-Bianchi) - 03h28'42"
2. Mattia Gavazzi (Ita - Kio Ene-Dmt) - s.t.
3. Jurgen Roelandts (Bel - Davitamon-Win For Life-J. Vlaanderen) - s.t.
4. Martijn Maaskant (Hol - Rabobank Espoirs) - s.t.
5. Tony Cavet (Fra - VC Evruex) - s.t.

27th Tour de Normandie - Final GC: Top 10 Places:
1. Martijn Maaskant (Hol - Rabobank Espoirs) - 25h49'01" (40.560 km/h)
2. Kristoffer Nielsen (Den - Team GLS) - at 08"
3. Tom Leezer (Hol - Rabobank Espoirs) - at 59"
4. Andrey Klyuev (Rus - Moscow Stars) - at 01'53"
5. David Le Lay (Fra - Bretagne-Armor Lux) - at 02'03"
6. Mirko Allegrini (Ita - Kio Ene-Dmt) - at 02'06"
7. Edvald Boasson Hagen (Nor - Team Maxbo-Bianchi) - at 02'18"
8. Paul van Schalen (Hol - Ubbink-Syntec Cycling Team) - at 02'33"
9. Kristof De Zutter (Bel - Davitamon-WFL-J. Vlaanderen) - at 02'43"
10. Tomas Buchanek (Cze - PSK Whirlpool Hradec Králové) - at 02'46"

The French Jérémie Dérangère was off to a flying start to the season, with two victories in as many days at La Tramontane and Ronde du Canigou in early February. Later he spent a long time far from the top step of the podium, just to get back to his winning ways and score his hat-trick for S.C.O. Dijon at the Grand Prix de Saint-Etienne Loire, running on undulating course of 139 kilometres, with 224 legs in attendance. The Geoffroy Guichard Stadium, that witnessed the first goals of football legend/current UEFA boss Michel Platini (fans of European football of the late 70s/early 80s sure know what we are talking about…) became bike race scenery this past Saturday and hosted a three-man sprint of a small breakaway group that went clear about 50 km from the finish. Dérangère pipped his compatriot François Lamiraud (CR4C Roanne) as well Tanel Kangert - one of the many Estonians racing in France - to take the win. Teams of the podium place getters took also spots from fourth to sixth, while Andrew Jackson (16th) was the top English-speaking finisher. The Kiwis Joseph Cooper and Shem Rodger took 17th (at 03'22") and 39th (at 04'55") place respectively.

10th GP de Saint-Etienne Loire (Saint-Etienne, 139 km)
Top 20 Places

1. Jérémie Derangere (Fra - S.C.O. Dijon) - 03h23'55"
2. François Lamiraud (Fra - CR4C Roanne) - s.t.
3. Tanel Kangert (Est - R.O. St Amandoise) - s.t.
4. Loïc Herbreteau (Fra - CR4C Roanne) - at 01'21"
5. Olivier Grammaire (Fra - S.C.O. Dijon) - s.t.
6. Rein Taaramae (Est - R.O. St Amandoise) - s.t.
7. Nicolas Fritsch (Fra - A.V.C. Aix En Provence) - s.t.
8. Andri Lebedev (Est - Estonian N.T.) - at 01'58"
9. Mickaël Malle (Fra - A.V.C. Aix En Provence) - s.t.
10. Rudy Lesschaeve (Fra - R.O. St Amandoise) - at 02'20"
11. Mart Ojavee (Est - Estonian N.T.) - at 02'22"
12. Marc Denonfoux (Fra - CR4C Roanne) - at 03'22"
13. Stephane Benetiere (Fra - Creusot Cyclisme) - s.t.
14. Jerome Mainard (Fra - CR4C Roanne) - s.t.
15. Maxime Mayencon (Fra - CR4C Roanne) - s.t.
16. Andrew Jackson (GBR - C.G. Orléans Loiret) - s.t.
17. Joseph Cooper (NZl - Bike Nz) - s.t.
18. Colin Menc Molina (Fra - A.V.C. Aix En Provence) - s.t.
19. Sébastien Fournet Fayard (Fra - CR4C Roanne) - at 03'24"
20. Pierre Chevalier (Fra - V.C. Bressan) - at 04'38"

No UEFA bosses or football stars had anything to do with the 32nd edition of Prix Gilbert Bousquet, recently held in the Finistère area of Brittany, with a field mostly made of riders from the west of France, who challenged the awful weather (rain and temperatures of no more than 4°C, resulting in just 20 brave guys crossing the finish line). The Bretagne-Armor Lux and Vendée U-Pays de la Loire wonderteams were in attendance, and few were surprised as it all became an all-out battle between such squads. It was the home side that emerged victorious, courtesy of their Polish talent Piotr Zielinski, that soloed away in the late stages and held off Vendée U chasers Evgeny Sokolov and Fabrice Jeandebosz. The Russian, previous winner at Bordeaux-Saintes and Boucles du Sud Ardèche, could not get his season hat-trick and finished 24 seconds down on Zielinski, who at his turn achieved his second victory this year, that should be added to another podium finish (Classique Loire-Atlantique) and more top ten results (4th at Boucles de la Soule, 05th at Manche Atlantique, 8th at Tour du Labourd and 9th at Ronde du Pays-Basque) from him, as well as many a good excellent performances from his squad.

Prix Gilbert Bousquet (Landivisiau, 155.7 km)
Top 20 Places (aka complete Results)

1. Piotr Zielinski (Pol - Bretagne-Armor Lux) - 03h59'40"
2. Evgeny Sokolov (Rus - Vendée U) - at 24"
3. Fabrice Jeandebosz (Fra - Vendée U) - at 01'12"
4. Romain Lebreton (Fra - CC Etupes) - at 03'08"
5. Laury Roger (Fra - Brest Iroise Cyclisme 2000) - at 03'16"
6. Cyril Noël (Fra - Sélection France Police) - at 03'39"
7. Julien Simon (Fra - Supersport 35-ACNC) - at 03'41"
8. Julien Sauve (Fra - Côtes d'Armor-Maître Jacques) - at 03'43"
9. Mary Mary (Fra - Sélection France Police) - at 03'59"
10. Julien Fouchard (Fra - Côtes D'armor-Maître Jacques) - at 04'19"
11. Mickaël Cherel (Fra - U Nantes Atlantique) - at 04'36"
12. Thibault Mace (Fra - Vendée U) - at 04'40"
13. Clément Mahe (Fra - Brest Iroise Cyclisme 2000) - s.t.
14. Xavier Bartoli (Fra - VC Chartres) - at 06'12"
15. Jérome Barbey (Fra - CA Mantes La Ville) - at 06'19"
16. Stéphane Simon (Fra - Brest Iroise Cyclisme 2000) - at 06'22"
17. Arthur Ansons (Fra - Team Bigot 79) - at 06'27"
18. Tony Hurel (Fra - CA Mantes La Ville) - at 06'30"
19. Arnaud Godet (Fra - CA Mantes La Ville) - at 08'24"
20. David Chopin (Fra - U Nantes Atlantique) - at 09'15"

Here is another of the excellent performances we just mentioned: the Invincible Armada from Brittany stamped their authority on one more race during the weekend: the Boucles Guégonnaises Elite Nationale event, whose 2007 edition became private property of just another star from the former Jean Floc’h squad: Stéphane Bonsergent . He was looking for some addition to his Ronde du Pays-Basque success, and got it Sunday as he made the winning breakaway alongside fellow countrymen Jean-François Jégou (Velo Club Pays de Lorient), Romain Lebreton (CC Etupes) and Romain Paillard (UC Sablé) plus easterners Denis Cioban (Moldova / SuperSport 35-ACNC) and Dimitar Dimitrov (Bulgaria / Team Albert Bigot).

Early attackers Alexandre Naulleau, Anthony Le François (Team U Nantes) Denoël Chedaleux (Véloce Vannetais), Laurent Le Gac (Bic 2000), Romain Borgoo (CA Mantes La Ville) and Gusts Eisaks (Latvia / Team Albert Bigot 79) got some brief media exposure, and so did 18 other riders later. But when Jégou, Dimitrov, Cioban and Paillard made their move, only Lebreton and the future winner could follow. Dimitrov got dropped with two laps to go, and neither Jegou had legs good enough for him to continue with the best ones. The race came to a matter of four guys, who held closest chasers (amongst whom in-form Sokolov) at bay by just eight seconds. Bonsergent had sent a message to his rivals by winning some intermediate sprints earlier into the race, and just made things clearer on the finishing line, with Paillard and Lebreton making for an all-French podium. Canadian Bradley Fairall (Super Sport 35-ACNC) and the Californian Chris Barton (racing for the Vendée U team, "young gun" branch of Bouygues Telecom) took 42nd and 43rd respectively, at 02 minutes and 58 seconds behind the winner.

Boucles Guégonnaises (153.9 km) Top 20 Places
1. Stephane Bonsergent (Fra - Bretagne-Armor Lux) - 03h45'24"
2. Romain Paillard (Fra - UC Sable) - s.t.
3. Romain Lebreton (Fra - CC Etupes) - s.t.
4. Denis Cioban (Mol - Supersport 35-ACNC) - s.t.
5. Jean-François Jegou (Fra - VC Pays de Lorient) - at 08"
6. Egveny Sokolov (Rus - Vendée U) - s.t.
7. Salva Vilchez (Fra - VC Pontivy) - s.t.
8. Fabrice Jeandebosz (Fra - Vendée U) - at 36"
9. Francois Guimard (Fra - France Police) - at 50"
10. Dimitar Dimitrov (Bul - Team Albert Bigot) - s.t.
11. Denoel Chedaleux (Fra - Veloce Vannetais Cyclisme) - at 01'41"
12. Arnaud Girard (Fra - CA Mantes La Ville 78) - s.t.
13. Mikael Cherel (Fra - Team U Nantes Atlantique) - s.t.
14. Mawenn Bodin (Fra) - s.t.
15. Régis Geffroy (Fra - Cotes d'Armor-Maitre Jacques) - s.t.
16. David Chopin (Fra - Team U Nantes Atlantique) - s.t..
17. Nicolas Edet (Fra - VS Chartres) - s.t.
18. Sebastien Chevau (Fra - Team Albert Bigot) - s.t.
19. Steve Houanard (Fra - Super Sport 35-ACNC) - s.t.
20. Sébastien Duret (Fra - Bretagne Armor Lux) - s.t.

The Russian wonder Yury Trofimov (Moscow Stars), definitely one of the best prospects in the European young gun peloton, added a new triumph to his season's tally as he took the spoils in the Tour du Canton de Saint-Ciers two-leg race in the Gironde area of south-western France, near Bordeaux. First Trofimov captured the yellow jersey as he sprinted to victory in Saturday's opener. Later he rode superbly to a successful defence of his leadership in Sunday's second-half stage, when he closed down the breakaway group with some 10 km to go. Only a former professional rider like Gilles Canouet (US Montauban) could resist and clinch stage victory. But he could do nothing to kick Trofimov down from first place overall: the Russian ended atop the General classification, with the Australian David Tanner (Velo Club La Pomme Marseille) - truly satisfied and even somehow surprised at the finish line as he climbed the podium for the third time so far this year and took the runner-up spot twice in eight days only - and the Frenchman Alexandre Blain (AVC Aixois Aix-en-Provence), winner of the Boucles Catalanes season opener in early February, as top three companions.

Tour du Canton de Saint-Ciers - Stage 1
Top 10 Places

1. Yury Trofimov (Rus - Moscow Stars) - 03h25'22"
2. Nikolas Cotret (Fra - CG Orléans) - s.t.
3. Alexandre Blain (Fra - AVC Aix-en-Provence) - s.t.
4. Médéric Clain (Fra - Saint-Cyr Tours VLAC) - s.t.
5. David Tanner (Aus - VC La Pomme Marseille) - s.t.
6. Yvan Seledkov (Rus - Moscow Stars) - s.t.
7. Paul Brousse (Fra - Roubaix Lille Métropole) - s.t.
8. Pierre Cazaux (Fra - Entente Sud Gascogne) - s.t.
9. Stéphane Bergès (Fra - UC Artix) - s.t.
10. Jonathan Thiré (Fra - U Nantes-Atlantique) - s.t.

Tour du Canton de Saint-Ciers - Stage 2
Top 10 Places

1. Gilles Canouet (Fra - US Montauban 82) - 03h33'52"
2. Kevin Cherruault (Fra - U Nantes-Atlantique) - at 02"
3. Mickaël Szkolnik (Pol - Albi VS) - s.t.
4. Fabien Rey (Fra - AVC Aix-en-Provence) - s.t.
5. Yannick Marié (Fra - Entente Sud Gascogne) - s.t.
6. David Tanner (Aus - VC La Pomme Marseille) - s.t.
7. Médéric Clain (Fra - Saint-Cyr Tours VLAC) - s.t.
8. Pierre Rousseau (Fra - Cycle Poitevin) - s.t.
9. Gatis Smukulis (Lat - VC La Pomme Marseille) - s.t.
10. Yury Trofimov (Rus - Moscow Stars) - s.t.

Tour du Canton de Saint-Ciers - Final GC
Top 10 Places

1. Yury Trofimov (Rus - Moscow Stars) - 06h59'03"
2. David Tanner (Aus - VC La Pomme Marseille) - at 13"
3. Médéric Clain (Fra - Saint-Cyr Tours VLAC) - s.t.
4. Gatis Smukulis (Lat - VC La Pomme Marseille) - s.t.
5. Paul Brousse (Fra - Roubaix Lille Métropole) - s.t.
6. Stéphane Bergès (Fra - UC Artix) - s.t.
7. Gilles Canouet (Fra - US Montauban 82) - at 19"
8. Kevin Cherruault (Fra - U Nantes-Atlantique) - at 25"
9. Mickaël Szkolnik (Pol - Albi VS) - s.t.
10. Steven Tronet (Fra - Roubaix Lille Métropole) - at 30"

Another top rider not new to early season success, former pro Franck Perque (see our Paris-Ezy report in round-up #5), made it two this year by winning the Boucles du Canton de Picquigny in the Somme department of the Hexagon. The race champion - aged 32 - and a dozen more guys made the right breakaway after about twenty kilometres. Perque was assisted by CC Nogent-sur-Oise team-mates Jocelyn Bar, Johnny Launette and Stéphane Rossetto, while the powerful Aubervilliers 93 from the Paris area had Nadir Haddou, Guillaume Levarlet and Jérémy Galland as escapees. Also away were Bastien Delrot (ESEG Douai), Nicolas Gabet (Raismes), Emmanuel Bruand (VC Evreux), Rodolphe Gosset (Amiens Sport Cyclisme), Thomas Bodo (Dunkerque Littoral Cyclisme) and Xavier Tonnelier (CC Villeneuve St-Germain).

The lead group was later down to seven men only: Launette, Perque and Rossetto, Haddou and Levarlet plus Delrot and Tonnelier. Perque lost some precious help as Launette just couldn't hold the pace, but the remaining half-dozen was going to take all top six spots on the leaderboard. It didn't came down to a bunch sprint though: quite the opposite, as Perque started his own show with 36k to go. Only Delrot tried to stay with him, but even the Plages Vendéennes two-leg winner had to wave white flag in the end. Perque powered to the line with a 43 seconds advantage on Delrot to take his second victory here (10 years after his first triumph) and Haddou won the small bunch fight over the only podium place still up for grabs close to two minutes behind.

Boucles du Canton de Picquigny (178 km)
Top 20 Places

1. Franck Perque (Fra - CC Nogent-sur-Oise) - 04h06' (43.574 km/h)
2. Bastien Delrot (Fra - ESEG Douai) - at 43"
3. Nadir Haddou (Fra - CM Aubervilliers) - at 01'44"
4. Guillaume Levarlet (Fra - CM Aubervilliers) - s.t.
5. Xavier Tonnelier (Fra - CC Villeneuve-St-Germain) - s.t.
6. Stéphane Rossetto (Fra - CC Nogent-sur-Oise) - s.t.
7. Erwan Lollierou (Fra - UC Bords de Marne) - at 02'13"
8. Tom Thiblier (Fra - Dunkerque) - s.t.
9. Thomas Leroy (Fra - CM Aubervilliers 93) - s.t.
10. John Saccomandi (Fra - CM Aubervilliers 93) - s.t.
11. Justas Volungevicius (Lit - CC Cambrai) - s.t.
12. Franck Bisiaux (Fra - ESEG Douai) - s.t.
13. Jocelyn Bar (Fra - CC Nogent-sur-Oise) - s.t.
14. Jean-Baptiste Béraud (Fra - UC Bords de Marne) - s.t.
15. Emmanuel Bruand (Fra - VC Evreux) - s.t.
16. Aurélien Fauvet (Fra - CC Nogent-sur-Oise) - s.t.
17. David Skrzypczak (Fra - AC Bourthes) - at 02'26"
18. David Jauregui (Fra - CC Cambrai) - at 02'36"
19. David Drieux (Fra - VC Beauvais) - at 02'43"
20. Aziz Immouni (Fra - Dunkerque) - s.t.

It was not about the "big guns" at Le Tour (de Normandie) only. The same Normandy region of France hosted another young gun event this week-end: Sunday's Round Two of the Maillot des Jeunes series, held at Torigni-sur-Vire. Tomasz Olejnik (US Sainte-Austreberthe-Pavilly-Barentin) gave his home country Poland their second victory of the day on French soil as he soloed to the line with his eight second advantage over the group, led home by Steven Le Hyaric (Fra - VC Evreux). Tomasz continued a family tradition, for his elder brother Mickael triumphed in the same race five years ago, and also continued his team's winning string in the series, after Guillaume Malle took the prize at the Montfort-sur-Risle opener a couple weeks ago; Arnold Jeannesson (Auber 93) took third in both legs. Round three is set to run at Cerisy Belle Etoile next (a.k.a. Easter) Sunday.

Maillot des Jeunes Round #2 (Torigni-sur-Vire)
Top 20 Places

1. Tomasz Olejnik (Pol - USSAPB) - 03h13'53"
2. Steven Le Hyaric (Fra - VC Evreux) - at 08"
3. Arnold Jeannesson (Fra - CM Aubervilliers 93) - s.t.
4. Denis Leproux (Fra - UC Sablé) - s.t.
5. Maxime Guesdon (Fra - Super Sport 35) - s.t.
6. Etienne Pierret (Fra - USSAPB) - s.t.
7. Sylvère Prevot (Fra - CM Aubervilliers 93) - s.t.
8. Nicolas Suzanne (Fra - USSAPB) - s.t.
9. Raphaël Lesage (Fra - VC Rouen 76) - s.t.
10. Anthony Mansion (Fra - CA Mantes-la-Ville) - s.t
11. Benoit Courteille (Fra - VC Evreux)- s.t.
12. Cyrille Patoux (Fra - VC Rouen 76)- s.t.
13. Quentin Bacon (Fra - VC Rouen 76)- s.t.
14. Morgan Chedhomme (Fra - CM Aubervilliers 93)- s.t.
15. Guillaume Malle (Fra - USSA Pavilly Barentin)- s.t.
16. Richard Tanguy (Fra - ES Torygni)- s.t.
17. Cédric Lebris (Fra - CM Aubervilliers 93)- s.t.
18. Mathieu Beauvais(Fra - VC Evreux)- s.t.
19. Alexandre Gay (Fra - Selection de la Sarthe)- s.t.
20. Guillaume Faucon (Fra - AG La Haye du Puits)- s.t.

It may have taken some time, but now that Jérémie Derangère has found back his winning form, he looks unmatchable. Just like he did in February, the SCO Dijon team leader delivered opposition a 1-2 punch in the same weekend. The Gran Prix Saint-Etienne we reported of earlier was followed by his success in the contest going from Annemasse to Bellegarde, then back to Annemasse, 24 hrs later. Such accomplishments are definitely easier to get if you have a strong team on your side. And Monsieur Derangere certainly had: first it was Laurent Beuret that made things harder for opposition, and later Silvère Ackermann, Olivier Grammaire and Tony Gallopin put him in the best possible position to contest the sprint. Derangere delivered and took an easy win from the Swiss Pirmin Lang (Burgis) and the French Anthony Roux (UV Aube).

Annemasse-Bellegarde et Retour; Top 10 Places
1. Jérémie Dérangère (Fra - SCO Dijon)
2. Pirmin Lang (Swi - Burgis) - s.t.
3. Anthony Roux (Fra - UV Aube) - s.t.
4. Nicolas Inaudi (Fra - Charvieu-Chavagneux IC) - s.t.
5. Samuel Rouyer (Fra - UV Aube) - s.t.
6. Nicolas Schnyder (Fra - MegaBike) - s.t.
7. Bart Oegema (Hol - AVC Aix-en-Provence) - s.t.
8. Thierry Hupond (Fra - VCLP Marseille) - s.t.
9. Olivier Grammaire (Fra - SCO Dijon) - s.t.
10. Tony Gallopin (Fra - SCO Dijon) - s.t.

Young Gun racing in France continued into Monday, with the 57th Grand Prix des Fêtes de Cénac et Saint-Julien Elite National event. As much as Bretagne-Armor Lux continued their winning streak: this time it was Jean-Luc Delpech that scored for the Bretons. Delpech went clear with compatriots Jean Mespoulède (Auber 93), Stéphane Reimherr (UC Artix) and Julien Lamy (CRCL Limoges) around the halfway point of this windswept race. Mespoulède had a flat with 30 km to go but started a sensational pursuit of the lead trio and succeeded in regaining their wheels. Unfortunately such efforts took toll in his legs, and he couldn’t match the late and timely move from Delpech. Neither Reimherr could, while Bergès just tried, but soon realized that resistance was futile. Delpech powered to victory to open his 2007 account, Bergès came in at 15 seconds, Reimherr maintained a twenty-five second advantage on the oncoming chasers to outsprint Mespoulède for the other podium place.

57th GP Fêtes de Cénac & Saint-Julien: Top 10 Places
1. Jean-Luc Delpech (Fra - Bretagne-Armor Lux) - 02h31'20"
2. Stéphane Bergès (Fra - UC Artix) - at 15"
3. Stéphane Reimherr (Fra - UC Artix) - at 40"
4. Jean Mespoulède (Fra - Aubervuilliers 93) - s.t.
5. Julien Lamy (Fra - CRC Limoges) - s.t.
6. Sergey Valynin (Rus - Russian N.T.) - at 01'05"
7. Vasily Khatuntsev (Rus - Russian N.T.) - s.t.
8. Bastien Leraud (Fra - AS Jarnac) - s.t.
9. Mickaël Szkolnik (Fra - Albi VS) - s.t.
10. Denis Vorontsov (Rus - Russian N.T.) - s.t.

Races and Winners

Young Guns News Roundup #1 (02/20/2007)

  • Boucles Catalanes Alexandre Blain
  • Circuit Méditerranéen Benjamin Giraud
  • Route de l'Atlantique Giovanni Carini
  • Boucles de la Soule Charles Guilbert
  • Plages Vendéennes #1 (Perrier) Mathieu Drujon
  • La Tramontane Jérémie Dérangère
  • Ronde du Canigou Jérémie Dérangère
  • Circuit de la Nive David Le Lay
  • Plages Vendéennes #2 (Luçon) Mathieu Drujon
  • Grand Prix de Peymeinade Julien Antomarchi
  • 41st Circuito del Guadiana Pedro José Vera

    Young Guns News Roundup #2 (02/23/2007)

  • Plages Vendéennes #3 (Saint-Urbain) Jérémie Galland
  • Ronde du Pays-Basque Stéphane Bonsergent
  • Plages Vendéennes #4 (Saint-Julien-des-Landes) Bastien Delrot
  • Le Tour du Labourd Stephane Petilleau

    Young Guns News Roundup #3 (02/27/2007)

  • Coppa San Geo Hrvoje Miholijevic
  • Memorial Giuseppe Polese Mauro Abel Richeze
  • GP Firenze-Empoli Cristian Benenati
  • Trofeo Caduti di Soprazocco Salvatore Mancuso
  • GP Brefer Edoardo Costanzi
  • GP Lavi (Circuito di Paderno) Marcello Pavarin
  • GP La Torre Fucecchio Uladzimir Autka
  • Gran Premio d'Apertura Fermo Davide D'Angelo
  • Souvenir Vietto-Gianello Thierry Hupont
  • Plages Vendéennes #5 (Chantonnay) Bastien Delrot
  • GP Souvenir Jean Masse Ruslan Sambris
  • Plages Vendéennes #6 (Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie) Gert Joeaar
  • Trophée de l'Essor Basque Yuri Trofimov (Overall)
  • Trofeo Guerrita Jesús Buendia
  • Subida a la Sierra de los Califas José Luis Roldan
  • GP Inauguració Memorial Joaquim Sabaté Àlex Mollà
  • Gran Premio Caja Cantabria Mikel Olano

    Young Guns News Roundup #4 (03/03/2007)

  • Plages Vendéennes #7 (Saint Maixent sur Vie) Guillaume Blot
  • Plages Vendéennes #8 (Moutiers) Franck Vermeulen
  • Trofeo ZSSDI Unione Circoli Sportivi Sloveni in Italia - PREVIEW

    Young Guns News Roundup # 5 (03/06/2007)

  • Trofeo ZSSDI Unione Circoli Sportivi Sloveni in Italia Simone Ponzi
  • Coppa Città di Melzo Edoardo Costanzi
  • Coppa Belricetto / Memorial Gualandi Matteo Busato
  • Gran Premio Apertura Città di Pescara Sante Di Nizio
  • Trofeo Colline Capannoresi Francesco Ginanni
  • Gran Premio Ceda Jacopo Guarnieri
  • Trois Jours du Vaucluse Sébastien Turgot (Overall)
  • Circuit de la Vallée de la Loire Jonathan Thiré
  • GP de Carqueiranne Gatis Smukulis
  • GP d'Ouverture Pierre Pinel Ivan Seledkov
  • Tour des Communes de la Vallée du Bedat Jean Christophe Péraud
  • Paris-Ezy Franck Perque
  • Route Bretonne / Souvenir Loïc Le Flohic Piotr Zielinski
  • Melrandaise Salva Jésus Vilchez
  • Grand Prix d'Ouverture Saint-Hilaire du Harcouët Gaylord Cumont
  • Aiztondo Klasikoa Óscar Puyol
  • Trofeo Diputación Alicante José Belda (Overall)

    Young Guns News Roundup # 6 (03/13/2007)

  • Giro delle Tre Province Jacopo Guarnieri
  • Circuito di San Urbano Jacopo Guarnieri
  • Piccola Coppa Agostoni Luca Zanderigo
  • Trofeo Balestra Simone Ponzi
  • Coppa San Bernardino Sacha Modolo
  • Trofeo Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani Corridonia Anton Sintsov
  • GP Ville de Lillers / Souvenir Bruno Comini Benoît Daeninck
  • Circuit des 4 Cantons Nikolas Cotret
  • GP de la ville de Villefranche / Mathias Nomblot Gatis Smukulis
  • Manche Atlantique Sébastien Duret
  • Paris-Evreux Jérémie Galland
  • Vienne Classic Espoirs Damien Gaudin
  • GP Ayuntamiento Camargo / Mem. Tinin Castañera David Gutiérrez
  • GP San José / Memorial Echevarría Juan José Lobato
  • Gran Premio Ciclista Chiclanero Jorge Martín Montenegro
  • Porec Trophy Marko Kump

    Young Guns News Roundup #7A (03/21/2007)

  • Bordeaux-Saintes Evgeny Sokolov (Overall)
  • Vuelta a Alicante / GP San Antonio Rafael Rodríguez (Overall)
  • Vuelta Ciclista a Valladolid José Angel Rodríguez (Overall)
  • Istrian Spring Trophy Edvald Boasson Hagen (Overall)

    Young Guns News Roundup #7B (03/21/2007)

  • Trofeo Memorial Fratelli Gandolfi Cristiano Fumagalli
  • Trofeo Edilizia Mogetta Francesco Lasca
  • GP San Giuseppe Montecassiano Andrey Solomennikov
  • Popolarissima Mauro Abel Richeze
  • Trofeo Antonietto Rancilio Matteo Scaroni
  • Trofeo Cesab Francesco Ginanni
  • GP Calzifici e Calzaturifici Stabbiesi Enrico Montanari
  • Souvenir Louison Bobet Nikolas Cotret
  • Paris-Troyes Yuri Trofimov
  • Nantes-Segré Kévin Cherruault
  • Maillot des Jeunes #1 (Montfort-sur-Risle) Guillaume Malle
  • Circuit du Morbihan / Trophée Jean Floc'h Guillaume Le Floc'h
  • Trofeo Iberdrola Andrés Avelino Antuña
  • Memorial Pedro Zamora / GP Bahía Mazarrón Jaume Rovira
  • Giro del Mendrisiotto Andreas Dietziker

    Young Guns News Roundup #8A (03/27/2007)

  • Milano-Busseto / Trofeo Auto Boreri Jan Stannard
  • Piccola Sanremo Luca Zanderigo
  • GP Artigiani Sediai e Mobilieri di Grosso Alessandro Raisoni
  • Coppa Caduti Buscatesi Alessandro Formentelli
  • Coppa del Grano Enrico Magazzini
  • Circuito di Orsago / Memorial Fratelli Mion Federico Masiero
  • GP San Giuseppe Marane di Sulmona Francesco De Bonis
  • Bolghera Simone Stortoni

    Young Guns News Roundup #8B (03/27/2007)

  • Classic Loire-Atlantique Nicolas Jalabert
  • Boucles du Sud Ardèche Evgeny Sokolov
  • Roue Tourangelle Yury Trofimov
  • Troyes-Dijon Cédric Pineau
  • Flèche de Locminé Cyrille Noël
  • Trophée des Bastides Blel Kadri
  • Grand Prix de Buxerolles Perrig Quémeneur
  • Prix de la Municipalité de Saint Savin Sylvain Georges
  • Ontur-Ontur José Angel Rodríguez
  • Gran Premio Macario Francisco Torrella
  • Trofeu Joan Escolà Flavien Chipault
  • Campionat de Sabadell Leonid Krasnov
  • Vuelta a Cartagena Jesús Buendia Romero (Overall)

    Young Guns News Roundup #9 (03/29/2007)

  • Trofeo Mario Zanchi Francesco Ginanni
  • Gran Premio della Possenta Edoardo Costanzi
  • Gran Premio Liberazione - PREVIEW
  • Giro delle Regioni - PREVIEW
  • Tour de Normandie - Stage 1 Lars Boom
  • Tour de Normandie - Stage 2 Mattia Gavazzi
  • Tour de Normandie - Stage 3 Mattia Gavazzi
  • Tour de Normandie - Stage 4 Mattia Gavazzi
  • GP Waregem Enrico Montanari

    Young Guns News Roundup #10A (04/03/2007)

  • Trofeo Edil C Paolo Tomaselli
  • Trofeo Banca Popolare di Vicenza Manuel Belletti
  • Trofeo Alta Valle del Tevere Marco Stefani
  • Trofeo FPT Tapparo Sergey Rudaskov
  • Coppa Caduti di Reda Federico Vitali
  • Coppa Fiera di Mercatale Francesco Ginanni
  • Giro Valle d’Aosta - PREVIEW
  • Tour of Friuli Venezia Giulia - PREVIEW

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