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Pre-Tour News
By Janna Trevisanut
Date: 6/30/2002
Pre-Tour News

Delatour rues Roux

French Jean Delatour rider Laurent Roux again tested positive for amphetamines yesterday in tests by the team's medical group. 

Roux has been out of competition since 29 April for the same reason and suspended by his own team since the end of May.  Roux, 29,  first tested positive  in 1999, during  Fleche Wallone, which cost him a suspension of six months. 

The Delatour was included at the last moment in the Tour after the exclusion of  Saeco due to Gilberto Simoni's positive doping test. If the Tour organizers take the same action, this would open the door for another team, such as Coast, with Casero, Escartín and Zülle, but Big Mat is another possibility. 

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Freire: If it were my decision, I would not go to the Tour

Oscar Freire of Mapei, in Salamanca for the Spanish National Championships, has told online publication Marca that though his team listed him in their Tour lineup announced Friday, he does not feel that he is in the best form to compete, and were it his decision, he would not go. 

When asked how he will approach the race he said, "As a new experience. Although I won't be arriving at my best, I will try to do the best possible. I would like to go to the Tour to give a good image, but sometimes the preparation doesn't come out well."

Of Mapei's decision he said, "But I understand that they have their reasons, partly because they know the champion of the world is in the Tour, and with me the publicity will be much bigger. They have never forced me."

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