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Young Guns News Roundup #8A (03/27/2007)
By Fabio
Date: 3/27/2007
Young Guns News Roundup #8A (03/27/2007)

Our weekly review of the stars of tomorrow splits in two also this week. The first part is all about races in Italy, with a British triumph on Saturday, plus the "Little Sanremo", Basso's cousin providing an alternative to Ivan's victories in the family palmares, and more rainy Elite-2 and U23 racing from Italia. France and Spain will follow in the second half of the report.

Rule, Britannia! Eight years after Jaime Burrows' triumph in the same place (and race), the young tenors from Great Britain did another concert in the land of Italy's greatest composer. Boys from the UK National squad clinched first and third place in the Milano-Busseto U23 contest, going from the flats of Lombardy to the hometown of Giuseppe Verdi - the 19th century genius that took Italian grand opera to new heights - near Parma this past Saturday. It was Britain's team coach Max Sciandri (look who's back) that took Ian Stannard (born in 1987) to new heights, as the Londoner outsprinted his breakaway companion Mirko Selvaggi (from Sciandri's "other" homeland, Tuscany…) to take the win, and as if it wasn't enough Ben Swift powered to a great podium finish. Home favourites Luca Dodi and Adriano Malori made the huge crowd this race drew to the finish line (regardless of that other Milan-somewhere event taking place in Italy at the same time) happy by taking the Parma area into the top ten spots, even if Malori's attitude on the road stirred some after-race polemics as Dodi accused his compatriot of "racing exclusively against him".

Dodi himself made the first decisive move with about 90k left as he cranked up the pace on the Vigoleno ascent. A few riders from the pack followed, then came some more skirmishes, resulting in a consistent breakaway group: Dodi, his Podenzano team-mate Adram Canzini, Andrea Lupori (Bedogni), Christopher Bosio (Pagnoncelli), Manuele Caddeo (Bedogni), Alessandro Bisolti (Saclà-Sesto Auto-AB Isolanti), Mariano Fichera (Mastromarco-ChiantiSensi-Vangi), the aforementioned Selvaggi and Malori, and obviously the winning pair from Britannia: Stannard and Swift. The main field gave it a try at bringing them back, but no way the chase would succeed. The front group stayed clear, even is it was down to nine as Lupori and Caddeo got dropped.

One little move from Bosio aside, cooperation reigned in the breakaway group until about four km. from the finish. Then the battle broke out: Luca Dodi stroke first, Adriano Malori chased him down (that's where the polemics above came from…) with Bosio and Partridge, then the other Brit launched his mighty counter-attack. Which proved to be the good one: only Mirko Selvaggi could ride away with the Cockney, but all the Italian could do at Busseto's Viale Pallavicino was having a privileged view of Stannard's backside as the teen-aged Brit raised his arms in triumph across the line, and banging his fist angrily against his handlebars.

In the meantime Ben Swift had powered away from the first group, and towards his chance to be part of the podium pictures along with his compatriot / team-mate, which he didn't miss. The orange warrior Bosio could use his sprinting abilities only to win the battle for a useless fourth place, 44 seconds behind the winner, with Andrea Grendene (Filmop-Parolin), a fast guy we might find soon in the pro ranks, winning the even more pointless bunch sprint a further dozen seconds back.

59th Milano-Busseto / Trofeo Auto Boreri (131 km. - 1.13)
Top 10 Places

1. Jan Stannard (GBR - UK National Team) (40.287 kph)
2. Mirko Selvaggi (Ita - Mastromarco-ChiantiSensi-Vangi) - s.t.
3. Ben Swift (GBR - UK National Team) - at 29"
4. Christopher Bosio (Ita - Pagnoncelli-NGC Perrel) - at 44"
5. Alessandro Bisolti (Ita - Saclà SestoAuto-AB Isolanti) - s.t.
6. Adriano Malori (Ita - Filmop-Sorelle Ramonda-Parolin) - s.t.
7. Luca Dodi (Ita - Podenzano Juvenes Sterilton) - s.t.
8. Mariano Fichera (Ita - Mastromarco-ChiantiSensi-Vangi) - s.t.
9. Adram Canzini (Ita - Podenzano-Juvenes Sterilton) - s.t.
10. Andrea Grendene (Ita - Filmop-Sorelle Ramonda-Parolin) - at 56"

The past week-end was not about Freire, Davis, Boonen and Petacchi only; MSR got its "young gun" version too, even if the 1.12-rated 41st Piccola Sanremo ("little Sanremo") was held in a completely different corner of the nation: the Veneto towns of Vicenza and nearby Sovizzo, which hosted the start and finishing line (respectively) of this battle, consisting of three different circuits, the last and longest spanning over eleven km. and being covered seven times.

Over a hundred athletes lined up for the start in rainy and cold weather. Andriy Pryshchepa of the Gruppo Lupi team (based in the tiny Republic of San Marino) went on a solo breakaway early into the race, and quickly took about 40 seconds out of the peloton. The Ukrainian extended his lead out to three and half minutes at the fourth passage over the line (km. 60), and an attempt to catch him by Luca Lai (Ceramiche RB) and Rudy Campa (VC Mantovani Rovigo) was fruitless: the two Italians proved unable to nullify the gap to the frontrunner; all they could do was gain one minute on the field, that reacted and pulled them back by km. 70 anyway. The field came close to bringing Pryschepa back too on the Vigo ascent, as the escapee could hold a slender lead of just ten seconds at the summit.

It might be its "little" version, and run on the opposite side of northern Italy, but it's always a "Sanremo" race, with all of its 2007 "ingredients": rain, wet roads, riders falling and hitting the tarmac, the way two of them did while coming down the Vigo climb for the second time. Such descent had some impact on the race situation too, as Pryschepa was reeled in and the peloton (thinning out fast in the adverse weather) regrouped with 5 laps of the Sovizzo circuit to be covered. Next on the move was the Italian Alex Crippa (Palazzago-Saclà-AB Isolanti), who stayed clear all by himself for a few kms first, but got some company as Alessandro De Marchi (Bibanese), Luca Zanderigo (Filmop-Sorelle Ramonda-Parolin), Ermanno Capelli (Unidelta-Bottoli-Arvedi), Marco Borgato (Fausto Coppi-Gazzera-Videa) and Angelo Ciccone (Cycling Team Friuli) got across to join him later. The all-Italian sextet ahead held onto a forty second margin with just three laps (33k) left. Ciccone couldn't stay with the best ones after km. 131, but the breakaway group stayed a consistent one as Italy's Brambilla and the Russian Maxim Averin did get membership in the Escapees Club.

One solo move from Luca Zanderigo on the penultimate descent earned the Italian a sixteen second margin as the bell was ringing for one lap to go. The gap went up in the last giro, and the five-strong chase group split on the last ascent, so that Luca Zanderigo was leading Crippa, De Marchi and Capelli by over a minute atop the Vigo hill. Alex Crippa attacked De Marchi and Capelli on the descent to the finish line, but no way he would catch Zanderigo. The Palazzago youngster had to settle for second place, while Luca Zanderigo made his solo march complete under the pouring rain and became winner of the 41st Piccola Sanremo. Ermanno Capelli beat Alex De Marchi for the remaining spot on the podium. The 21-year-old from Lazise (near Verona), who admittedly races best when it's raining, took his season's tally up to two wins, fourteen days after he opened his 2007 account at Piccola Coppa Agostoni (see roundup #6), and his Parolin wonderteam scored for the fourth time so far this year.

41st Piccola Sanremo (Vicenza to Sovizzo, 150 km. - 1.12)
Top 10 Places

1. Luca Zanderigo (Ita - Filmop-Ramonda-Parolin) - 04h03' (37.084 kph)
2. Alex Crippa (Ita - Palazzago Saclà-Majet) - at 01'15"
3. Ermanno Capelli (Ita - Unidelta-Bottoli-Arvedi) - at 01'18"
4. Alessandro De Marchi (Ita - Permac Brisot-Bibanese) - at 01'20"
5. Lorenzo Bani (Ita - Danton-Caparrini-Vibert) - at 01'55"
6. Derik Zampedri (Ita - Zalf-Desirèe Fior) - s.t.
7. Maksim Averin (Rus - Danton-Caparrini-Vibert) - at 03'25"
8. Mauro Finetto (Ita - Fimop-Ramonda-Parolin) - at 03'30"
9. Teddi Turini (Ita - Danton-Caparrini-Vibert) - s.t
10. Marco Borgato (Ita - Fausto Coppi-Gazzera) - s.t.

Starters: 139. Finishers: 21.

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Ivan Basso was forced to skip the top early season event on Italian soil, but his family got something to cheer for over the weekend nonetheless: cousin Alessandro Raisoni (Team Tata), from the same Varese area as his better-known family member, grabbed his first victory in the current cycling season in the 47th GP Artigiani Sediai e Mobilieri di Grosso Elite-2 and Under 23 contest, held around Grosso Canavese, near Turin, in a rainy and damn cold Sunday, making for some small epic young gun racing.

Raisoni, aged 23, soloed in for the win as he dropped breakaway companion and former team-mate Luca Zanasca (Podenzano) with 7 km remaining. The pair had broken clear 18 km. before, while climbing the Corio ascent for the second time. Podenzano got two guys onto the podium, and so did the Lombard province of Varese, for Giuseppe De Maria (both a varesino and Podenzano rider) proved quickest in the small bunch sprint for third place 35 seconds behind.

Maxim Belkov of Russia, one of the Finauto team Scinto-ists, was also very active Sunday, both as early attacker and in his attempt to chase down the two fugitives late in the race, though he did not get his efforts duly rewarded. A group of 154 riders from a dozen different nations - and all five continents - contested the event, but only 23 of them managed to cross the line in such adverse weather conditions. One of the DNFers was Marco Benedetto, who unfortunately fell and broke his left collarbone.

7th Gran Premio Artigiani Sediai e Mobilieri
(Grosso, 144.8 km - 1.12): Top 10 Places

1. Alessandro Raisoni (Ita - Team Tata) - 03h36' (40.222 kph)
2. Luca Zanasca (Ita - Podenzano-Juvenes-Sterilton) - at 30"
3. Giuseppe De Maria (Ita - Podenzano-Juvenes-Sterilton) - at 35"
4. Davide Battistella (Ita - Futura Team-Matricardi) - s.t.
5. Mario Redaelli (Ita - TAD Pharma-Named) - s.t.
6. Gabriele Pastori (Ita - Podenzano-Juvenes-Sterilton) - at 58"
7. Jaroslaw Marycz (Pol - - s.t.
8. Aristide Ratti (Ita - Team Tata) - s.t.
9. Uladzimir Autka (Blr - Promociclo-Publisport) - s.t.
10. Pierpaolo Tondo (Ita - Gragnano-Firenze Petroli) - s.t.

Starters: 154. Finishers: 23.

Some pictures from the race can be found HERE.

The 144 kilometre 55th Coppa Caduti Buscatesi, held at Buscate near Milan over nine laps of local circuit this past Sunday, saw Brescia's 21-year-old Alessandro Formentelli earn what was the first victory of the season for both himself and his team Palazzago-AB Isolanti-Saclà-Maiet. The peloton has to endure awful weather in this race too, with rain and cold forcing most competitors out of the battle. The orange Armada of Pagnoncelli, perhaps the #1 team in attendance, had to settle for the minor podium places in the sprint, as Giovanni Carini - still incapable of adding something new to his early February win in France - took second and Daniele Canziani third.

The boys in orange tried to steal the show since the early stages, as Matteo Gamberoni and Bruno Rizzi got themselves into the first breakaway along with Samuele Mazzucchelli (UC Pregnana) and Claudio Antonioli (Ediltecnica). Antonioli (punctured) and Gamberoni (his legs just were not good enough) didn't stay with them for a long time, and also the two other fugitives had to surrender to the Feralpi-led peloton later. So that it all ended with a field sprint, when a young gun bearing the same name(s) as one of Italy's top fastmen, a certain Marco Zanotti, gave Formentelli an excellent leadout, and the Palazzago appointed velocista just finished off the job by starting his sprint first with 200m from the line and keeping the orange "enemy" at bay in the very last metres.

55th Coppa Caduti Buscatesi (Buscate, 144 km - 1.19)
Top 10 Places

1. Alessandro Formentelli (Ita - Saclà-Sesto Autoveicoli-Ab) - 03h18' (43.636 kph)
2. Giovanni Carini (Ita - Pagnoncelli-NGC Perrel) - s.t.
3. Daniele Canziani (Ita - Pagnoncell-NGC Perrel) - s.t.
4. Vladimir Isayechev (Rus - GS 93 Promosport) - s.t.
5. Alessandro Re Dionigi (Ita - Ediltecnica VC Eupilio) - s.t.
6. Ponzoni Amani (Ita - Ediltecnica VC Eupilio) - s.t.
7. Marco De Petris (Ita - GS 93 Promosport) - s.t.
8. Alberto Gatti (Ita - Eurobike Oliver Ogar) - s.t.
9. Francesco Barattieri (Ita - Pagnoncelli-NGC Perrel) - s.t.
10. Marco Zanotti (Ita - Saclà Sesto Autoveicoli-Ab) - s.t.

It took some time for the young gun season to kick off in the Arezzo province of Tuscany, bit it did at last, even if with a race reserved for the very young guns only, the under 21 athletes: the 30th Coppa del Grano was held this past weekend at Badiola, on the outskirts of San Giovanni Valdarno town. Unlike previous years, the finish line was atop a small but though climb of 250 metres, that came after three more ascents (the Montemarciano, Piantravigne and Persignano walls) were tackled. Such parcours change certainly pleased Enrico Magazzini (Mastromarco Sensi Vangi Lampare), who had the opportunity to showcase his talent on the steep (up to 15%) slopes and score his first ever victory since he moved from the junior ranks. The only opponent somehow trying to match his move was another Tuscan, Diego Borgi, but also the boy from Pisa had to concede defeat. Another Italian, Simone Fiducia, made the news earlier by starting a two-man breakaway first, and as he stayed clear all by himself later. But he was caught too, and no other contenders could make the gap since. Until Magic Magazzini, Tuscany regional champion in the Junior class the past season, put in his last, winning efforts on the small climb to the line.

30th Coppa del Grano (San Giovanni Valdarno, 124 km - 1.29)
Top 10 Places

1. Enrico Magazzini (Ita - Mastromarco-Sensi Vangi) - 02h58' (41.798 kph)
2. Diego Borgi (Ita - Silver Sport Team Rosini) - s.t.
3. Simone Pasolini (Ita - SC Sergio Dal Fiume) - at 06"
4. Andrei Nechita (Ita - Molino Di Ferro Giorgione) - at 08"
5. Francesco Pollastro (Ita - VC Seano One-Fuochi) - s.t.
6. Matteo Bontorin (Ita - Molino Di Ferro Giorgione) - s.t.
7. Ricardo Pichetta (Ita - GS Mastromarco-Sensi Vangi) - at 10"
8. Damiano Caruso (Ita - GS Mastromarco-Sensi Vangi) - s.t.
9. Emiliano Betti (Ita - Pedale Larigiano) - s.t.
10. Francesco Lasca (Ita - Monsummanese) - s.t.

On with another cold, rain-torn and wind-swept event in the first spring (????????????) Sunday in Italy, the 66th Circuito di Orsago-Memorial Fratelli Mion at Orsago, near Treviso. Or should us call it the Zalf-Desirée Fior Champs? The mighty team from Veneto, whose ranks hosted the likes of Ivan Basso and Damiano Cunego - and Giuliano Figueras, and Maurizio Fondriest, and many other future stars of the Italian pro peloton - when they used to compete in younger classes stamped their authority on the contest for the third year running, and for the fifth time in its last six editions.

It was a young talent from Venice, Federico Masiero (aged 20 ... in the next month of October), who looked after scoring the hat-trick at the end of the 42 laps of a small circuit the race consisted of. Masiero joined his team-mate and cyclo-cross sensation Davide Malacarne, that had gone clear earlier, during lap thirteen. So did fellow countryman Mauro Colombera of the other powerhouse squad from Treviso (Unione Ciclisti Trevigiani-Dynamon) and the Ukrainian Andriy Kutalo. Thanks to combined efforts from Malacarne up front and the Zalf chase-blockers in the peloton the gap ballooned enough to make any attempts to bring the Fab Four back pointless. Rudy Dal Bò (Team Bata) was the last one to give up his hopes to catch the escapees, but he had to.

Victory was nothing but a matter of four, and turned a matter of Masiero only as the former member of the Italian National team (just as junior thus far, but he's not that unlikely to wear the Maglia Azzurra also at the Under 23 Worlds…) easily powered past Kutalo in the small bunch sprint to claim victory. All most recent winners of the "Zalf Championships", Ivan Ravaioli (2002), Tiziano Dall’Antonia (2003) and dual victor Oscar Gatto (the sprinter took the spoils both in 2005 and 2006) have joined the pro ranks already. We wouldn't be surprised to see Masiero walk the same way soon(er or later).

66th Memorial Fratelli Mion (Orsago, 100.8 km - 1.19)
Top 10 Places

1. Federico Masiero (Ita - Zalf-Désirée Fior) - 02h15'45" (44.552 kph)
2. Andriy Kutalo (Ukr - San Marco-Concrete-Caneva) - s.t.
3. Mauro Colombera (Ita - UC Trevigiani-Dynamon) - s.t.
4. Davide Malacarne (Ita - Zalf-Désirée Fior) - at 10"
5. Marco Canola (Ita - Zalf-Désirée Fior) - at 01'00"
6. Rudy Dal Bò (Ita - Team Bata) - s.t.
7. Ramon Baldoni (Ita - Montegranaro) - s.t.
8. Manuel Belletti (Ita - UC Trevigiani-Dynamon) - s.t.
9. Alex Buttazzoni (Ita - Marchiol Famila-Ima-Liquigas) - s.t.
10. Enrico Cecchin (Ita - Zalf-Désirée Fior) - s.t.

Italy's former Military National Cycling Champion Francesco De Bonis, born in 1982, secured victory in the 34th Gran Premio San Giuseppe at Marane di Sulmona (L’Aquila, Abruzzo region), opening round of the Trofeo Cappello d’Oro series. The Monturano-Civitanova-Cascinare cyclist, back to the top of the podium after his (only) 2006 win at Trofeo San Giuliano, beat Fabio Terrenzio (Acqua & Sapone) and Mirko Roganti (Valdarno Toscana). Artur Tarasau of Belarus, the Russian Anton Sintsov (that could not add a new victory to his recent triumph at Trofeo Meccaniche Luciani di Corridonia) and the Colombian Julian Muñoz Giraldo were the best finishers from abroad. A total of 110 riders took the start, and the race top ten contained athletes from as many as eight different teams.

34th GP San Giuseppe (Marane di Sulmona, 135 km - 1.19)
Top 10 Places

1. Francesco De Bonis (Ita - Monturano-Civitanova-Casc.) (41.43 kph)
2. Fabio Terrenzio (Ita - Vega-Acqua & Sapone)
3. Mirko Roganti (Ita - Valdarno)
4. Valentino Carieri (Ita - Virtus Villa Verucchio)
5. Artur Tarasau (Blr - Bike Team Chiesa Nuova Rieti)
6. Anton Sintsov (Rus - Calzaturieri Montegranaro)
7. Julian David Muñoz Giraldo (Col - Massi Team)
8. Oleksandr Surutkovych (Ukr - Aran World-Cant. Tollo)
9. Gianfranco Visconti (Ita - Massi Team)
10. Nikita Eskov (Rus - Valdarno)

The Direttore Sportivo Luca Scinto and his Finauto team boys extended their hunting territory up to the Trentino region in the deep north of Italy. The Scinto-ists might have missed the target in Piedmont, as Maksim Belkov was unable to capitalize on his own efforts, but they didn't falter in the Bolghera race where "home cyclist" (despite riding with a Tuscan squad) Simone Stortoni took the biggest prize, and his team-mate Francesco Ginanni, one of the strongest and most regular Italian youngsters in this early season, was second.

The contest, which had no less than Trentino's best ever bike rider (and Giro d'Italia winner, and former World Champion, and former world hour record holder…) Francesco Moser as organiser, was held over 35 laps of a demanding circuit of three kilometres, with a difficult climb in the middle. Nothing worthy of mention occurred in the early stages, but things became more frantic as the finish line was getting closer. The peloton was down to 50 men with 6 km left, and the Scinto-ists realized it was time to start their show. Finauto's "Rookie" Thomas Bertolini rushed to the front in order to pick up the pace and set things up for the upcoming move from Stortoni and Francesco Ginanni. In fact the pair attacked on the last ascent and the gap was made. They got to the line with a 25 second margin over the peloton, led home by Luca Barla of Unione Ciclistica Bergamasca.

Bolghera (Trento, 98 km - 1.20) Top 3 Places
1. Simone Stortoni (Ita - Finauto-Neri-Lucchini-Zoccorinese) (44 kph)
2. Francesco Ginanni (Ita - Finauto-Neri-Lucchini-Zoccorinese) - s.t.
3. Luca Barla (Ita - Unione Ciclistica Bergamasca) - at 25"

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