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23rd Redlands Bicycle Classic Prologue Women
By Staff
Date: 3/22/2007
23rd Redlands Bicycle Classic Prologue Women

23rd Redlands Bicycle Classic Prologue Women
Amber Neben 2006 Champion takes the roses and the leaders jersey. Photos and Race Palmares... Hand cycle race report and results.

Redlands Bicycle Classic Women’s Race Results
2006 winner Amber Neben the Flexpoint rider riding for her local team won the opening prologue of  the 23rd Annual Redlands Bicycle Classic to clench the race lead. The red haired Flexpoint diva denied Christine Thorburne of Webcor Builders the winner of the 2005 event (race palmares below.) With Dotsie Bausch of the Colavita/Sutter home team filling out the podium.

Amber Neben Redlands 2006 photo c. Lily Trevisanut

Amber won the race with a time of 10:52.46.
Photo c. Mark Adkison Phd.

Photo c. Mark Adkison Phd.
Christine Thornburn (Webcor Builders). Christine the 2005 race winner took second with 11:25.99 Colavita/Sutter Home's Dotsie Bausch, finished in third place with a time of 11:34.52.

“I was thoroughly impressed with the women’s times,” said Ken Kramer, avid cyclist and starter for the Prologue Time Trial for both men and women for the last four years. “Their times really are amazing. They reflect the caliber of riders out here today.”

Colavita/Sutter Home's uber sprinter Tina Pic in the start gate. Photo c. Mark Adkison Phd.

Advil/Chapstick's Sara Bresnick-Socchi Photo c. Mark Adkison Phd.

Women's Prologue Results top 5 
1 Amber Neban STAHL/SC Velo 10:52.46
2 Christine Thorburn Webcor Builders 11:25.99
3 Dotsie Bausch Colavita/Sutter Home 11:34.52
4 Mara Abbott Webcor Builders 11:46.93
5 Katharine Carroll Aaron’s Corporate 11:52.98
Full results when available

Jim Williams keeping Andrea Dvorak out of the California sun at the start. Photo c. Mark Adkison Phd.

Andrea Dvorak attacks the first incline Photo c. Mark Adkison Phd.

Redlands Palmares
2006 Amber Neben
2005 Christine Thornburn
2004 Lyne Bessett
2003 Genevieve Jeanson
2002 Judith Arndt
2001 Genevieve Jeanson
2000 Alison Dunlap
1999 Lyn Bessette
1998 Mari Holden
1997 Susy Pryde
1996 Alison Dunlap
1995 Linda Brenneman
1994 Jeanne Golay
1993 Linda Brenneman
1992 Linda Brenneman
1988 Mo Manley
1987 Cindy Whitehead
1986 Suzanne Sonye
1985 Cindy Whitehead

PossAbilities First-ever Redlands Bicycle Classic Hand Cycling Race Produces Inspiring Results
The first-ever PossAbilities Hand Cycle race showcased the talent and dedication of some of the sports’ top riders. The strenuous 5 km Time Trial course was the season-opener for the U.S. Hand Cycling Series. David Lee, Cardiff by the Sea, CA, took first place, followed by Australian-born Todd Philpott, NY, NY; and Keane West, Lake Placid, FL.

The inaugural event was a success, both for the teams and individuals. “This race was a great kickoff for the series; it sets the bar for the rest of the season,” says Ian Lawless, executive director for U.S. Hand Cycling. “It’s our mission to create integrated hand cycling opportunities. This race creates awareness and blurs the line between people with disabilities and those without.”

The steep grade of the course proved to be one of the athletes’ more difficult events. David Lee, race winner, described the race in two words, “Uphill. This was the hardest handcycle race I’ve competed in. It was an awesome challenge.” Lee finished in 20:21.23.

Todd Philpott echoed Lee’s sentiment. “I wish I had my bike set up for the hill, but these things happen; I’m still happy with the race,” said Philpott, who finished second with a time of 24:30.69. “I’ve been competing for five years and this is the best atmosphere People look out for you. The integration is what it’s all about. There are some of the best male and female riders out here. Being a part of this is like coming of age.”

Tyler Blackwelder, director for the Hand Cyle race and PossAbilites volunteer helped the inaugural event take place. “This was a big success,” says Blackwelder. “We’re excited it went so well, especially for as tough as a race as it was. All the racers were an inspiration, showing the true spirit of the sport. This year was a building block for years to come.”

For information about the race, including results, visit

Hand Cycle Results
1 20:21.23 Lee David
2 24:30.69 Philpott Todd
3 34:20.79 West Keane
4 35:18.23 Arseneau Seth
5 36:46.61 Nguyen Huan
6 40:32.77 Crawford Ron
7 42:26.84 Cottini Patrick
8 1:03:21.75 Bostick Harold

About the Redlands Bicycle Classic
The Redlands Bicycle Classic is an all-volunteer organization, including the race directors. The 23rd Annual Redlands Bicycle Classic is scheduled for March 22–25, 2007. The event was founded in 1985 by a community group, chaired by then-Mayor Carole Beswick, to promote awareness of downtown Redlands. Since that time, professional cyclists from around the world have been racing in this event, which is centered around the city of Redlands, California. The Redlands Bicycle Classic is on the United States Cycling Federation (USCF) National Racing Calendar (NRC).

About Team PossAbilities
PossAbilities is a community outreach program of Loma Linda University Rehabilitation, Orthopaedic, & Neurosciences Institute. Membership to PossAbilities is free and there are no age restrictions. For more information, visit

About the National Racing Calendar (NRC)
Entering its 11th season in 2007, the National Racing Calendar (NRC) is an all-inclusive road cycling series sanctioned by USA Cycling. It is designed to provide a ranking system for all elite-level cyclists, both amateur and professional, through participation in the nation’s premier cycling events. For more information on the NRC, visit

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