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Sequoia Cycling Classic Criterium Women
By Staff
Date: 3/22/2007
Sequoia Cycling Classic Criterium Women

Sequoia Cycling Classic Criterium Women
Value Act Capital Report and Kurt Jambretz photo gallery... results

Aaron's rider  photo c. Kurt Jambretz/Action photos

The ValueAct Capital Women’s Cycling Team headed down to Visalia, CA for the Quad Knopf Sequoia Cycling Classic. The weekend featured an 18 mile individual time trial on Saturday and a criterium on Sunday. On the line was $10,000 in prize money each day!

 photo c. Kurt Jambretz/Action photos

The promoters of the event were excited to offer equal prize money for both the pro men and women. With that kind of money on the line, the VAC women knew the competition would be fierce! With the exception of TEAm Lipton, all of the top women’s teams were on hand, as it provided excellent preparation leading into the Redlands Bicycle Classic the following week. Needless to say, the competition, as well as the temperatures, were hot!

TIBCO's Miller   photo c. Kurt Jambretz/Action photos

In the sun-drenched hills of Exeter, just east of Visalia, the 18 mile Rocky Hill time trial featured a grueling course. The out and back course featured a tough 2k climb at the start, flat to rolling hills to the turnaround, and back up the original climb. Temperatures hovered at almost 90 degrees for the early afternoon start for the women. Alison Powers of the Colavita-Sutter Home team claimed the top spot, with Leigh Hobson (Cheerwine) and Amber Rais (Webcor) taking 2nd and 3rd respectively. The ValueAct Capital women, still fine-tuning their TT positions, hung tough, with Martina Patella finishing in the top 30. “We’re all trying to work on honing our time trialing skills,” said Patella. “We still have some work to do, but we’re even more excited for the crit on Sunday!”

T-Mobile   photo c. Kurt Jambretz/Action photos

And the heat was on for Sunday’s Downtown Criterium, which featured a fast, 6-turn .7 mile course. The T-Mobile women were aggressive from the start, with constant attacks and counter-attacks. The VAC women covered all the right moves, and both Taitt Sato and Courtenay Brown were in a promising break late in the race, but it all came back together with 10 laps to go. Martina Patella showed the fans that ValueAct Capital is the team to watch by going head to head with some of the top sprinters for the top dollar primes during the race. Sharon Allpress and Courtenay Brown did an outstanding job of bringing both Martina and Taitt into perfect position for the last few laps of the race.

 photo c. Kurt Jambretz/Action photos

Unfortunately, Martina and Courtenay got caught behind a crash with 4 laps to go, which took them out of contention for the final sprint. In the end, it was T-Mobile’s Suzanne de Goede taking the win. VAC’s Taitt Sato just got nipped for a top 10. “That was a hard race; and great training for Redlands” commented Sato. “We’re ready!”

The ValueAct Capital women spent Monday morning visiting the Golden Oak Elementary School, where they spoke to 2nd and 3rd grade girls and boys about bicycle safety and riding tips.

Rebecca Larson, Suzanne de Goede and Laura Van Gilder

Pro / Elite 1/2 Women
Place Name Team Bib
1 Suzanne de Goede T-Mobile Team - Women 239
2 Laura Van Gilder Cheerwine 222
3 Rebecca Larson Aaron's Pro Cycling Team 203
4 Nichole Wangsgard Bicycle John's Serious Cycling 215
5 Anna LANG Karl Strauss/SDBC 234
6 Laura Yoisten Webcor Builders 270
7 Natalie Klemko Advil ChapStick 207
8 Amber Rais Webcor Builders 269
9 Alex Wrubleski Colavita/ Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light 228
10 Stacy Marple Team TIBCO 251

 photo c. Kurt Jambretz/Action photos

11 Taitt Sato ValueAct Capital Cycling Team 258
12 Liza Rachetto Team TIBCO 247
13 Helen Kelly Webcor Builders 268
14 shelley olds PROMAN/Paradigm 235
15 Naomi Williams Felt 272
16 Rachel Heal Webcor Builders 267
17 Sarah Tillotson Colavita/ Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light 227
18 sally annis Wachovia / International Bicycle Centers 260
19 Betina Hold Cheerwine 265
20 Heather Labance Advil ChapStick 208
21 Katharine Carroll Aaron's Pro Cycling Team 201
22 Leigh Hobson Cheerwine 218
23 Chantal Beltman T-Mobile Team - Women 238
24 Helene Drumm PROMAN/Paradigm 275
25 Mary Morgan Unattached 271
26 Caitlyn McCullough TeamTIBCO 252
27 Catherine Powers Aaron's Pro Cycling Team 205
28 Anke Wichmann T-Mobile Team - Women 240
29 Laura Bowles Advil ChapStick 206
30 Carmen McNellis Aaron's Pro Cycling Team 204

31 Felicia Gomez Aaron's Pro Cycling Team 202
32 Sarah Uhl Cheerwine 221
33 Samantha van Gerbig Wachovia / International Bicycle Centers 262
34 Andrea Dvorak Colavita/ Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light 225
35 Laurel Green Team Mack Paper Company 243
36 Mackenzie Dickey Colavita/ Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light 224
37 Alison Powers Colavita/ Sutter Home presented by Cooking Light 226
38 Sandra Kolb Bicycle John's Serious Cycling 213
39 Betsy Galenti America's Dairyland 211
40 Kim Anderson T-Mobile Team - Women 237
41 Caroline Dahllof Helen's Orbea 230
42 Kirstin Robbins Advil ChapStick 209
43 Emily Zell PROMAN/Paradigm 274
44 Kelly Benjamin Cheerwine 217
45 Bonnie Bourque Karl Straus/SDBC 233
46 Jacquelyn Crowell Cycle Science 229
47 Sarah Bamberger Cheerwine 216
48 Chrissy Ruiter Cheerwine 220
49 Sharon Allpress ValueAct Capital Cycling Team 254

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