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Chuck Coyle Racing Chronicles - Racing in America
By Vaughn Trevi
Date: 3/13/2007
Chuck Coyle Racing Chronicles - Racing in America

Chuck Coyle Racing Chronicles - Racing in America
Chuck Coyle interviews Successful Living/Parkpre team mates Dusan Ganic of Serbia and Italian Alessandro Bazzana on the racing in America.

On the way to the second series of races on the NRC Pro Calendar in Fresno, CA we were able to have a chat with two of Successful Living’s presented by Parkpre neo-pro riders, Dusan “The Douche” Ganic and Alessandro “Whopper Jr.” Bazzana.

Dusan "le Douche", "il Douche" Ganic in the team van on the way home after two top ten finishes at Merced Classic weekend. Photo c. Chuck Coyle

Dusan is a big, strong Serbian who is sure to turn a few heads with his massive power. On the other side of the coin is the 140-lb Italian climber, Alessandro who the team has taken to calling Whopper Jr.

Not only have they never raced in the US but neither has been to the ‘States before. With only a few races under their belts so far we were able to get a few first impressions of life and racing here so far.

The Successful Living/Parkpre riders: (left to right) Alexi Martinez, "Mr. Gunn"- Curtis Gunn, Dusan Ganic and Alessandro Bazzano... Photo c. Chuck Coyle

C.C.Rider: So, tell us a little about yourselves:
Alessandro Bazzana: I am 22 years old and I come from North of Italy, pretty closed to Milan. I am a rider since I was 6 and it has always been the first passion in my life. I like short steep climbs but coming here I also wanna practice some sprints on crits and flat races too.

Dusan “The Douche” Ganic: I am 23-years old and am from Belgrade, Serbia. I have lived in Italy 13-years, since I was 10, in Verona. Even though I have lived in Italy for so long I still consider myself Serbian. I have been racing for 13-years. I am good on the flats, on the hills and am a good bike handler. (We have seen him ride coasting wheelies at over 30-mph.)

C.C.Rider: How do you like your racing experience in the US so far? How has the language barrier been?
Allesandro: At first I didn’t think to come here just for racing but to see the US and gain life experience. I have grown up watching American movies and Italian media speak about United States as a very nice land, and also the “unknown factor” usually interests me a lot more than a daily routine…so after many years as amateur I caught the opportunity Successful Living gave me to become a professional.

Allessandro "Whopper Jr." Bazzano     Photo c. Chuck Coyle

I know it may looks strange, but the language barrier has been a good motivation to come here and finally learn English! So I have to say special thanks to all my teammates who are patient with me and help me every day while talking to make my English better

Dusan: I think the racing is very different between USA and Europe but I like the criteriums here. I am happy because I found a good team and good team mates, especially Daniel & Chuck. The language for me is very difficult but I am fortunate to have Daniel to help translate into Italian.

Dusan slumping in for the long ride.

C.C.Rider: What is your most & least favorite things about America?
I like the big variety of stuff you can see here, from people of different races to cars and extravagant TV programs. But at the same time in front of the large food choice I see at the store I can’t find typical Italian food that I miss very much

Dusan: I like the fact that I am on my own and am free to do what I want. I really like California, there are beautiful woman, everything here is good. I miss my family, friends the most. But my team mates have helped make this not so bad.There are too many rules here in America. California and the lifestyle here also is very expensive, I don’t like that.

Chuck Coyle discusses racing tactics after the Merced Classic Criterium with Michael Sayers of BMC. Kurt Jambetz/Action Images

CCRider: What are some of your best results?
:I raced with the Italian U23 Team which was a great honor. I also have done the Baby Giro d'Italia with my old team, Zalf Desirè Fior. At the Giro Baby I also won the sprint jersey.

Dusan: I beat the World Points Race Track Champion in a race on the track. I was a member of the Serbian National Team and won one big race in Italy last year, the Giro de Sissa, the oldest race in the country.

Cya in Redlands,

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