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2nd Amgen Tour of California - Team G.C. Final
By Staff
Date: 2/26/2007
2nd Amgen Tour of California - Team G.C. Final

2nd Amgen Tour of California - Team G.C. Final
The worlds number one rated pro team CSC celebrates victory in the teams general classification for the second year in a row. CSC Team Comments & Photos

Bobby Julich, and the team receives the Team Classifications check.
Photo c.

Team CSC     Photo c.

Team General Classification
1. Team CSC 74.54'41"
2. Team DSC 74.57'00" 00.02'19"
3. Team TMO 74.58'01" 00.03'20"
4. Team NIC 74.58'20" 00.03'39"
5. Team PRL 75.00'30" 00.05'49"

6. Team QSI 75.00'52" 00.06'11"
7. Team RAB 75.01'05" 00.06'24"
8. Team C.A 75.01'27" 00.06'46"
9. Team GST 75.01'58" 00.07'17"
10. Team LIQ 75.02'20" 00.07'39"
11. Team HNM 75.02'51" 00.08'10"
12. Team TSL 75.03'20" 00.08'39"
13. Team BMC 75.13'43" 00.19'02"
14. Team TUP 75.16'53" 00.22'12"
15. Team COL 75.21'26" 00.26'45"

16. Team JBC 75.32'26" 00.37'45"
17. Team PHB 75.52'29" 00.57'48"

Stuart O'Grady takes aim at the press corp which was damn good giving me a and my camera California Champagne shower. Photo c.

Team CSC
In spite of having to settle for a 10th place in the 125-kilometer seventh and final stage with finish in Long Beach, Team CSC's Argentinean sprinter Juan José Haedo still managed to win the points competition in Tour of California.

Stuart O'Grady was cut off, when he was trying to line up the sprint for Haedo, who was then cut off himself. As a consequence he fell back a bit even though the Team CSC riders were in position, but it was still enough for a podium spot as the winner of the green points jersey. The final stage was won by Haedo's former teammate Ivan Dominguez (Toyota United.)

The stage did not change anything at the top of the general classification, where Jens Voigt finished in second place behind Levi Leipheimer (Discovery Channel,) while Bobby Julich, Stuart O'Grady and Christian Vande Velde were among the top-six. This meant a comfortable victory for Team CSC in the team classification.

Fabian Cancelara after signing in to race. Photo c.

”It's been a fantastic week for us. Of course it would've been nice to win the race, but with that said I don't think we have any reason to be dissatisfied with our efforts. Jens has given it his best and done everything in his power to try and get the jersey. We've won three out of seven stages and with a comfortable victory in the team classification we've demonstrated, that we are by far the strongest team with a broad range of riders. We've done well in Tour of California and you have to say, that Haedo has stepped up to become the new super sprinter in the peloton. It will be very interesting to see him up against the best in Europe,” said Bjarne Riis.

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