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VDB's last deadline on 4th July
By Celine Tytgadt
Date: 6/28/2002
VDB's last deadline on 4th July
Thursday 4th of July will be the new deadline for Frank Vandenbroucke when the disciplinary commission of the Flemish Community will say it's verdict on the case.  There are three possibilities for Frank.  The first one of that is the president of the commission gives a verdict and a new set of procedures can start.  Another option is thtat the commission dismisses the case like his lawyers were pleading on grounds of intrusion of rights of the defense and the privacy of the investigation.  If this is the case, VDB has nothing to fear for.  The last option is that the case is postponed until the research can be finished and in the mean time, Frank will be able to race.

Frank Vandenbroucke has already stated that he wants to race again in August according to the Belgian newspaper De Standaard.  He wants to get back in competition and be competitive in fall.  The first thing he has to do in order to do so is get himself a team.  Although he doesn't have any official confirmation, the chance is quite high that he will be able to go back to Domo Farm Frites.  Domo fired him when they found drugs in his hotelroom, but Patrick Lefevere says he still has all faith in VDB.  But it's not just Domo who has expressed their interest in him.  No names were mentioned on the press conference in Roeselare on Wednesday, but "if Domo decided to say no, then Frank is not completely cold towards a Collstrop-Palmans.", according to his manager de Geyter.

On the same press conference, Frank Vandenbroucke said he felt really well.  "I won't be needing to restart from scratch" it sounds very optimistic.  He has decided to be less "nice" against some of the press, especially to the ones that said he was finished in cycling, but he admits he too has made mistakes.  "This time, I will start with double moral".

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