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Chuck Coyle Racing Chronicles - Valley of the Sun
By Staff
Date: 2/24/2007
Chuck Coyle Racing Chronicles - Valley of the Sun

Chuck Coyle Racing Chronicles - Valley of the Sun
Chapter III, Chuck Coyle returns to the Phoenix Valley of the Sun Race, and the Successful Living Parkpre Team.

“This is for the people of the sun….”
- Rage Against the Machine

By Chuck Coyle
Successful Living/Parkpre Pro Cycling Team

It has been a few years since I raced Phoenix’s premier stage race, the Valley of the Sun. One of the reasons it is so popular without being on the NRC calendar is that it is easily accessible from just about anywhere West of the Mississippi and is a great way to get in some quality racing in the Arizona sun.

The race is a 3-day event that starts with a 14-mile Time trial, followed by a 100-mile road race and finishes with a fast criterium in downtown Phoenix.

The time trial went really well for our Successful Living presented by Parkpre team with Curtis “Gunn Slinger” Gunn getting 3rd place just 7-seconds behind Michael Grabinger, we also had a good ride from Dusan “The Douche” Ganic who was in 14th only 51-seconds behind Curtis. With less than 2-minutes separating the top 42 it was sure to be a challenging road race.

VoS Time Trial Podium: Curtis Gunn and Michea Grabinger
Photo c. Chuck Coyle

Valley of the Sun
Buckeye Arizona Time Trial
1 0:29:48 0:00:00 101 GRABINGER Michea Hagens-Berman Elite 
2 0:29:49 0:00:01 37 PERRINS Steven ( Sienna Dev't - Gob)
3 0:29:55 0:00:07 82 GUNN Curtis Successful Living 

4 0:30:04 0:00:16 80 BORDINE Karl 5 Star Fish 
5 0:30:15 0:00:27 31 HUTCHINSON Micha Team Spine 

6 0:30:17 0:00:29 27 SANTURBANE Mark Team Bob's Bicycle
7 0:30:18 0:00:30 9 CARTER Michael Colorado Velo 
8 0:30:20 0:00:32 38 JOHNSON Matt Team Cycling Science 
9 0:30:33 0:00:45 4 MENDONCA Jesse BPG/MV 
10 0:30:35 0:00:47 62 LEA Bobby Toyota-United Pro 

14 0:30:46 0:00:58 48 GANIC Dusan Successful Living 
Full results

Women's 1-2 TT Results
1 0:32:10 0:00:00 603 KELLY-SEEHAFER K TEAm Lipton 
2 0:33:35 0:01:25 639 GONZALEZ-FERRAT Bicycle John's
3 0:33:38 0:01:28 629 DICKSON Catherin Tribe Racing 

4 0:33:41 0:01:31 620 MCNELLIS Carmen Aaron's Pro Cyclin 
5 0:33:56 0:01:46 612 FISK Beth Vitamin Cottage

6 0:34:00 0:01:50 607 EVANS Nicole TEAm Lipton 
7 0:34:25 0:02:15 622 ATCHLEY Lana unattached 
8 0:34:32 0:02:22 616 KNUTSON Coleen Team Pro Cyclery 
9 0:34:33 0:02:23 637 WANGSGARD Nichol unattached 
10 0:34:35 0:02:25 643 REITHER Jennifer South Bay Wheelmen 
Full results

Trek Road Race
Saturday’s road race featured 6 trips up the finish climb over a 17-mile circuit with tiem bonus sprints on the 2nd and 4th lap. With this being only the 2nd road race for the team we are still figuring out how to race with each other and what everyone’s strengths are. The race was also going to be a shock to the system because it was 85-degrees out. After the race I had actually burn myself through our teams ‘summer weight’ jersey.

With so many people within striking distance there were constant attacks and we just tried to cover moves and not let any dangerous riders get up the road. On the 3rd lap Curtis managed to get away in a fair size break and I was certain it was going to stick. I think that there were too many riders in the move and after the 2nd sprint (where Curtis picked up a 10-second time bonus) it all came back together.

On the last lap I got into a 8-man break with one other teammate, Alessandro “Jr. Whopper” Bazana. We got a good gap before realizing that Karl Bordine, who was in 4th overall, was also in the move. We couldn’t risk him moving into the lead so Jr. Whooper and I decided to sit on the back of the move.

When you have 2-team mates sitting on a move it is a sure-fire way to get people to attack you. I marked Karl and Jr. Whopper ended up getting ahead of us with 3-others including the infamous David Clinger, who is now racing with a new pro team out of So-Cal (Team Rock).

With all the attacks coming on the last lap their gap started to come down and it was hard to keep track of who to cover and Curtis ended up finishing just over 1-minute behind the winner and dropped to 5th GC. Toyota United’s Bobby Lea had a brave ride, staying in front for the field for two laps before imploding with cramps….but it was a valiant effort.

Trek Road Race
Pro & Elite Men's Results
1 3:53:21 0:00:00 - 0:20 3 SEAGRAVE Matthew Compliance Depot
2 3:53:33 0:00:12 - 0:15 15 COLLIER Corey Team Einstein's
3 3:53:49 0:00:28 - 0:25 12 VINSON Dan 5 Star Fish
4 3:53:49 0:00:28 4 MENDONCA Jesse BPG/MV
5 3:53:49 0:00:28 42 NAPOLITANO Rudol Rock Racing

6 3:53:49 0:00:28 67 CLINGER David Team
7 3:54:04 0:00:43 58 SCHULTZ Andy Bear Naked/Cannond
8 3:54:20 0:00:59 51 PERRY Bryson Sienna Dev't/Gob
9 3:54:37 0:01:16 + 0:30 101 GRABINGER Michea Hagens-Berman
10 3:54:44 0:01:23 38 JOHNSON Matt Team CyclingScience

Women's 1-2 Results
1 2:44:59 0:00:00 - 0:35 637 WANGSGARD Nichol unattached
2 2:44:59 0:00:00 - 0:25 643 REITHER Jennifer South Bay Wheelmen
3 2:44:59 0:00:00 - 0:15 603 KELLY-SEEHAFER K TEAm Lipton

4 2:44:59 0:00:00 607 EVANS Nicole TEAm Lipton
5 2:44:59 0:00:00 625 ALBERT Heather America's Dairyland

6 2:45:56 0:00:57 639 GONZALEZ-FERRAT Bicycle John's
7 2:45:56 0:00:57 620 MCNELLIS Carmen Aaron's Pro
8 2:46:23 0:01:24 612 FISK Beth Vitamin Cottage
9 2:52:30 0:07:31 650 SHAW Amanda Team Expresscopy.
10 2:52:30 0:07:31 647 ZELL Emily PROMAN/Paradigm

Full Results additional results when available

For the crit we realized it was going to hard to win the overall and with only a small squad it was going to be really difficult to set up a true lead out train. Our best bet was going to be in a breakaway or to do a sneaky move at the end of the race.

The team was incredible for the whole race. We were in every move and had our Italian co-director, Gianluca, on the radio keeping us motivated and informed on the race happenings. Towards the end of the race I was in a small move and then Christian “Rambo” Venesuala got in a sweet little move with Jon Tarkignton (Vitamin Cottage).
With 5-laps to go it was all back together and the Rock Racing Pro Team set up 9-riders on the front and started their lead out train.

We got together and managed to come “over the top” of the Rock Racing train with 2-laps to go. Both The Douche and I went too hard, too early and blew, leaving Curtis with not enough help for the last lap of the race. The Rock Racing team managed to re-pass Curtis and he was left to fend for himself.

Crit specialist Rahsaan Bahati took advantage of a great lead-out and took a well deserved win.

With a bunch of great racing coming up the team is looking great and you can expect some big things from us!

See Chuck and the Successful Living/Parkpre team race in the The Long Beach Shoreline Circuit Race this Sunday, February 25, 2007 as they race the Tour of California circuit at 9am.
Successful Living/Park pre Camp Photo Gallery


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