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Tour of California - Fan Report: A day on Sierra Road
By Staff
Date: 2/23/2007
Tour of California - Fan Report: A day on Sierra Road

Fan Report: A day on Sierra Road
A pictorial report of a day spent on Category 1 climb or What would Jens do?

by Lyne Lamoureux

What would Jens do? That question was answered by the end of the day.

For stage 3 of the Amgen Tour of California, we decided to go to the top of Sierra Road at the KOM to catch all the riders after the brutal 3-mile climb. We thought we had everything ready as we had checked with the city on the time of road closures, filled up the car with provisions and chairs and expected an easy day of lounging and watching the stage. Well, it wasn't that easy. Not only was the road already closed by the time we arrived at the bottom of Sierra Road (hours before we were quoted), the police was not letting any cars park on the side of the ride.

What would Jens do? Suck it up, so we quickly adjusted our plans, grabbed our backpack, regretfully left the chairs in the car and started to walk up Sierra Road - yes the category 1 climb itself. An hour and a half later, we made it to the top of the climb providing us with tremendous view of the valley.
All photos copyright Lyne Lemoureaux (click on photo for larger image)

Fans were coming up, most by bike, some by feet, positioning themselves and chalking up the road with the names of the favorite riders and teams. The highlight during this period was Saul Raisin riding up and Raisin Hope at the Tour de California powered by GU.

Finally the breakaway of 5 riders hammers by us seemingly lifted by the cheers of the fans. Then the peloton divided into multiple small groups climbed up with riders grimacing in pain and all were greeted by screams of encouragement - what an awesome sight it was.

Jen's on the summit of Sierra Road. Photo c. Lyne Lamoureaux

Time to walk down while dodging bikes zooming around us. What would Jens do? That's right, we thumbed a ride from a local rancher in his pickup truck.

So what would Jens do after such a day? That was easy: Enjoy a cold beer!


All photo copyright Lyne Lamoureux

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