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Tour of California - Fan Report: Team CSC Fan Intermezzo
By Staff
Date: 2/22/2007
Tour of California - Fan Report: Team CSC Fan Intermezzo

Fan Report: Team CSC Fan Intermezzo
Bjarne Riis and Team CSC does a meet and greet with their fans during the Tour...

by Lyne Lamoureux

Team CSC fans congregated in the team parking lot at the assigned time of 8:30am, and waited for the CSC camper to show up. Discussions around favorite riders and the meaning of the team for each fan was held while we waited. Andy Tao, from Long Beach, California had prepared a photo collage of Jens Voigt's wins last year in honor of him being such a great guy and one of the fans' favorite riders in the peloton, and was looking forwards to giving it to Jens.

Andy Tao and his photo collage
Andy Tao and his photo collage with Jens

A misunderstanding around the meeting place was simply resolved by John Axel Hansen of Riis Cycling fetching the fans and directing us to the team camper. John has been with the team since the day Bjarne Riis took over, and they used to ride together as youngsters. John proceeded to provide a review of the current status of the team and the riders at the 2nd Amgen Tour of California.

Team CSC is happy to be in the United States as they had always liked to race here. This Tour of California is very early in the calendar but the CSC team has been out in California training for the past 14 days. They had a very nice time at training camp, with Gilroy providing a fantastic area to train, and beautiful to boot.

John then went over the status of the previous stage and stated: "As you all saw what happened yesterday, we had a bad day. Dave Zabriskie is out of the race, as he had a crash where he hit his head, and was dizzy. He tried to ride again, but he was too dizzy to continue, had to stop. It was a very bad day. Dave Z is very sad to leave the race this way."

We then learned that Karsten Kroon also crashed, and went to the hospital on Monday night. He hit a post and thought he had broken a rib, but after an x-ray it was found that no bones were broken. He is not feeling well, and will take it day by day. (Note: Karsten finished the stage in 135th).

John then finished by saying that the team will see what happens today, and they will work with what they have: "The rest of the guys are keen to do something really good."

Group photo with Bjarne Riis
Group photo with Bjarne Riis

Once a group photo with Bjarne Riis was taken, the team riders made themselves available for photographs and autographs with Bobby J being the first one out of the camper to greet everyone. I mentioned to John that Juan Jose Haedo was fast in leaving the bus to sign in, John then replied, "He is very fast!" and then winked. Note: J.J. showed us all how fast he really was by winning the second stage.

It was time for everyone to go to the start line and the fans spent a long time afterwards glowing and appreciating the graciousness of the team.

Team CSC signing autographs

Next report from Sierra Road.

All photo copyright Lyne Lamoureux

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