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Marco Pantani, don’t look back in anger
By Podofdonny
Date: 2/13/2007
Marco Pantani, don’t look back in anger

The ghost of Pantani does not haunt cycling, his fans will remember him in heroic isolation on the mountains of Europe, with a smile on their faces.

His short life and times have often been summarised.

Here is a selection of photos, quotes and links about the life and times of Marco. Of all the quotations, I think the Lance Armstrong quotation is one of the best.

'I always thought he was more of an artist than an athlete - an extravagant figure, a Salvador Dalì. That's why people were so fond of him.' –

Interestingly Pantani, guitar playing, watch mending, nightclub going ,artist painting, cyclist riding, did indeed do a painting named “For Lance Armstrong” . Though it was more in the style of a revolving Pollack than Dali.

Still, best not argue with Lance. Let’s remember the “Salvador Dali” of cycling…….

In Pink– courtesy of Daily Peloton

"Marco invites us to make a serious examination of our consciences, of everything that is sport and everything that is broken in sport.The man is greater than his victories and defeats, the man is worth more than the cyclist... In the champion beats the heart of a boy ...a heart that needs normality and cannot be sacrificed to exploitation." Bishop Antonio Lanfranchi, leading the funeral service of Marco Pantani in 2004

Marco!– courtesy of Daily Peloton

“Nobody has managed to understand me, not even my family. I am alone.” Marco Pantani

Grace and beauty – courtesy of Daily Peloton

"My language is the bike" Marco Pantani

Pantani and Armstrong Mano a Mano – courtesy of Daily Peloton

'I always thought he was more of an artist than an athlete - an extravagant figure, a Salvador Dalì. That's why people were so fond of him.' -Lance Armstrong

Pantani alone in mountains – courtesy of Daily Peloton

“In truth, perhaps not even love could have saved him.” Matt Rendell author of “The Death of Marco Pantani”

Ullrich Virenque and Pantani battle it out – courtesy of Daily Peloton

"It's dramatic, he fell from grace in Italy just like I did in France. If you've got a family around to help you, you can get over the situation, if not you can end up doing inexplicable things" Richard Virenque

Different jerseys same riders – courtesy of Daily Peloton

"You are always shocked when you hear about the death of a fellow sportsman," Jan Ullrich

The start of a legend – courtesy of Daily Peloton

"There's chaos in everyday life, and my riding is instinctive. I respond to the moment. But not everyone sees it that way." Marco Pantani

The start of a legend 2 – courtesy of Daily Peloton
"Pantani began to die the morning in 1999 when he woke up in Madonna di Campiglio and found himself disqualified from the Giro," Italian Press

Devil and Pirate – courtesy of Daily Peloton

“ inspiration and madness” Matt Rendell

In the Pink – courtesy of Daily Peloton

“A stage race is like a game of chess," Marco Pantani

In Serious mood – courtesy of Daily Peloton

"Marco Pantani has crashed and Alex Zulle has followed him in sympathy". Phil Liggett 1998 Giro ...

In Yellow Tour de France 1998 – courtesy of Daily Peloton

«Marco, perché vai così forte in salita? Per abbreviare la mia agonia».

"Marco, why are you such a strong climber? To shorten my pain". Marco Pantani

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