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Team CSC - 2007 California Training Camp Photo Gallery 1
By Staff
Date: 2/8/2007
Team CSC - 2007 California Training Camp Photo Gallery 1
Team CSC - 2007 California Training Camp Photo Gallery 1

The full squadron of Team CSC riders, directors, mechanics, doctors and soigneurs have descended upon the town of Gilroy, California for their annual February training camp. This formidable group has been training rigorously both on and off the bike— all under the eagle eye of Bjarne Riis.

All Photos by Greg Parks Photo/Design.

Team leader Carlos Sastre.
Photo c. Greg Parks

(Click on photos below for a larger image. Captions — left to right)

(l) Fabian Cancellara and Jens Voigt are providing the humor this morning — (r) David Zabriskie is in a good mood, despite the chilly morning weather.
Photo c. Greg Parks

(l) Lars Bak. — (r) Luke Roberts. Photo c. Greg Parks

The riders are divided up into 3 squads for on-road drills. Photo c. Greg Parks

After they'd done some miles and warmed up nicely, Riis had the team doing repetative, full-speed assaults on a hill.

(l) Bobby Julich. (r) Kasper Klostergaard. Photo c. Greg Parks

(l) J.J. Haedo. (r) Frank Schleck.  Photo c. Greg Parks

(l) Marcus Ljungqvist. (r) Andy Schleck.  Photo c. Greg Parks

(l) Alan Johansen. (r) Fab Fabian.  Photo c. Greg Parks

(l) Dave Z. (r) Jens.  Photo c. Greg Parks

Fabian has survived the hill climbing drill... now it's time for sprints! Photo c. Greg Parks

(l) Bobby J. (r) Dave Z.  Photo c. Greg Parks

"Jens Voigt is a beast of a man!" Photo c. Greg Parks

(l) Bjarne Riis. Is that a smile, or a grimace?(r) Michael Blaudzun.  Photo c. Greg Parks

Carlos gives it his all. Photo c. Greg Parks


After a quick pitt stop to change to their TT bikes, it's another couple of hours in the saddle to profit from the good weather. Photo c. Greg Parks


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