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World Championships Cyclocross 2007 Junior Mens
By Staff
Date: 1/27/2007
World Championships Cyclocross 2007 Junior Mens

World Championships Cyclocross 2007 Junior Mens
Belgium collects it's first Gold Medal in Hooglede-Gits (Belgium) with Junior Joeri Adams winning over Danny Summerhill of the USA and Jiri Polniky of Czechslovakia.

By Bart Hazen

11.00 am the Juniors started the World Championships race in Hooglede-Gits. The big favorites of the day where Joeri Adams (Belgium), Ramon Sinkeldam (The Netherlands), Jiri Polnicky (Czech-Republic), Ole Quast (Germany), Danny Simmerhill (USA) and Arnaud Jouffroy (France).

The Italians had a great start with Alessandro Calderan. Danny Summerhill took the lead in the chase and bridged the gap. At the end of the first lap we had 8 leaders; Jiri Polnicky (Czech Republic), Ole Quast (Germany), Danny Summerhill (USA), Joeri Adams (Belgium), Ramon Sinkeldam (Netherlands), Arnaud Jouffroy (France), Alessandro Calderan (Italy) and Marek Konwa (Poland).

In the second lap Juri Polnicky attacked and at the end of lap two he had a eight seconds gap on a group of five, with Summerhill, Adams, Sinkeldam, Jouffroy and Quast. Sinkeldam closed the gap to Polnicky and at the end of the third lap only five riders remained in the front of the race.

During this lap Summerhill crashed on a steep descent but went on and closed the gap to the leaders. In the final lap of the race the five riders were still together and it looked as anything could happen.

In the final lap it was Sinkeldam who attacked first and it seemed he was riding away from the others. But during the last climb it was Polnicky who bridge the gap. On the last road section towards the finish all the riders came back together. Sinkeldam started the sprint but its Adams who wins ahead of Summerhill and Polnicky. Ole Quast finished fifth.

For Belgium its their first World title for this event in their own country. Maybe there will come a second one later today when the U23 race. The favorites are Lars Boom (The Netherlands) and Niels Albert (Belgium).

Result (top 20):
1 Joeri Adams (Belgium)
2 Danny Summerhill (USA)
3 Jiri Polnicky (Czech)

4 Ramon Sinkeldam (Netherlands)
5 Ole Quast (Germany)
6 Arnaud Jouffroy (France)
7 Alessandro Calderan (Italy)
8 Rob Van Der Velde (Netherlands)
9 Marek Konwa (Poland)
10 Peter Sagan (Slovakia)

11 Elia Silvestri (Italy)
12 Kevin Eeckhout (Belgium)
13 Jonathan McEvoy (Great Britain)
14 Marcel Meisen (Germany)
15 Matthieu Boulo (France)
16 Filip Adel (Czech)
17 Vincent Baestaens (Belgium)
18 Stef Boden (Belgium)
19 Lubomir Petrus (Czech)
20 Thomas Girard (France)

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