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Frankie Andreu Joins Agency for Cycling Ethics
By Staff
Date: 1/23/2007
Frankie Andreu Joins Agency for Cycling Ethics

Frankie Andreu Joins Agency for Cycling Ethics
Former US Postal rider joins the Executive Board of ACE to promote clean cycling.

The Agency for Cycling Ethics, LLC (“ACE”) announces that Frankie Andreu has joined the Executive Board of the ACE. As a professional rider, Frankie was a team leader of US Postal as well as a leader among the peloton. Recently he has taken an active role in promoting clean cycling and will be an invaluable team leader for ACE.

Dr. Paul Strauss, CEO of ACE remarked, “Throughout the cycling press, the UCI, the teams, and the ASO all recognize the need to put more emphasis and money towards anti-doping. Though ACE’s innovative drug testing, counseling and education programs, ACE provides the vehicle for teams and sponsors to take responsibility to clean-up cycling while protecting the riders health and improve the image of cycling. Mr. Andreu will help drive the vehicle of ACE to the teams and sponsors and promote ACE Clean Cycling Initiative.”

Mr. Andreu has approached several domestic cycling teams, all of which are excited in participating in the ACE anti-doping program as well as several sponsors who are providing the necessary funding.

We are committed at ACE to be part of a changing cycling environment, free of performance enhancing drugs .

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About The Agency For Cycling Ethics, LLC: The Agency for Cycling Ethics, LLC is committed to a cycling environment free of performance enhancing drugs. ACE’s programs for riders and teams include education and counseling coupled with an innovative drug testing program.

About Frankie Andreu: Frankie Andreu is one of the most popular and well-respected names in American professional cycling. He retired from racing at the end of 2000 after a 12-year professional career. During his racing career he competed in the Tour de France nine times. He was one of the team's most selfless performers and most dependable workers. Frankie is also a gifted writer as well as being a commentator on the OLN/Versus cable network.

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