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42nd Vuelta al Táchira
By Podofdonny
Date: 1/22/2007
42nd Vuelta al Táchira

39 year old Colombian cyclist Hernán Buenahora, now riding for Gobernación del Zulia-Alcaldía de Cabimas, rolled back the years to take the overall victory of the 42nd Vuelta al Táchira on Sunday.

The evergreen Colombian who will celebrate his 40th birthday on March 18th triumphed after 14 stages over 15 days in Venezuela. He joins a long list of illustrious winners of the race inaugurated in 1966 with the over all victory going to another legend of the mountains Martin "Cochise" Rodriguez, who found fame in Europe as the gregario of Felice Gimondi. It is the first Colombian victory in the race since Hernán Muñoz in 2003, and Buenahora is the 17th Colombian winner.

It took Buenahora 46 hours, 44 minutes and four seconds to complete the 1800 kilometre route which passed through the regions of Lara, Trujillo, Mérida and Táchira.

"Since the start of the Tour, I have been well supported by my team mates, especially Manuel Medina, who was strong throughout the race for me” emphasized Buenahora.

Hernán Buenahora ( whose nickname is "escarabajo", or cockroach) is well known to European fans. He was born in Barichara, a place which evokes the importance of religion in this region. In 1702, a field worker on this mesa discovered a rock with an image of the Virgin Mary on it. In 1705, Don Francisco Pradilla y Ayerbe erected a church on the location of the miracle and the village was founded. Barichara means place to relax in the local Guane dialect.

Hernan Buenahora is a natural climber, and his toil on the bicycle in the Colombian mountains paid dividends when he turned professional in 1990. In 1995 he put on a scintillating display in the Tour de France that made him nearly as well known to cycling fans in Europe as he was back home.

A tenth place in the Tour de France 1995, and sixth in the Giro d’Italia 2000 reflected his ability in the great stage races. Buenahora is a disciplined and versatile rider, who is no slouch in the time trial and can also read a race very well. He is married with three sons and puts his continued success down to self discipline and commitment.

“Age does not count, what is important is consistency and not making mistakes” he comments.

" God willing I will continue to ride for a few more years, I am hoping to return to Europe and I would like to ride the Giro d’Italia again. I have always hoped to win the Vuelta al Táchira, but in previous years riders like Manuel Medina and José Rujano have proven too strong for me, but this year, I came with good preparation and I fulfilled my dream".

Buenahora finished one minute 17 seconds ahead of Gobernación del Zulia team mate Manuel Medina, in third place was the rider of Lotería del Táchira-Banfoandes Team , Jackson Rodríguez, who was two minutes 55 seconds back.

The final stage was won by César Salazar, of the Lotería del Táchira-Banfoandes Team, who lead the race home in the historic JJ Mora Velodrome in San Cristóbal, in front of 15,000 fans.

General Classification

Hernán Buenahora (Gobernación del Zulia) 46: 44´ 04”
Manuel Medina (Gobernación del Zulia) a 1´ 17” segundos
Jackson Rodríguez (Lotería del Táchira-Banfoandes) a 2´55”
Carlos Maya (Lotería del Táchira-Banfoandes) a 3´ 39”
Carlos Becerra (Triple Gordo Lara) a 5´ 09”
Jaison Delgado (Gobernación del Zulia) a 7´ 22”
César Salazar (Lotería del Táchira-Banfoandes), a 8´34”
Campeón de la regularidad:
Jackson Rodríguez (Lotería del Táchira-Banfoandes) 156 puntos
Manuel Medina (Gobernación del Zulia) 154 puntos
Hernán Buenahora (Gobernación del Zulia) 130 puntos
Carlos Maya (Lotería del Táchira-Banfoandes) 95 puntos
Campeón por puntos:
Jackson Rodríguez (Lotería del Táchira-Banfoandes) 188 puntos
Manuel Medina (Gobernación del Zulia) 178 puntos
Hernán Buenahora (Gobernación del Zulia) 146 puntos
Carlos Maya (Lotería del Táchira-Banfoandes) 113 puntos
Campeón de sprint:
Antonhy Brea (Selle Italia) 64 puntos
Wilmer Bravo (Expresos occidente) 47 puntos
José Chacón (Lotería del Táchira-Banfoandes) 31puntos
Campeón de la montaña:
Manuel Medina (Gobernación del Zulia) 97puntos
Hernán Buenahora (Gobernación del Zulia) 64 puntos
Freddy Vázquez (Lotería del Táchira-Banfoandes) 52 puntos

Roll Of Honour

1. 1966 RODRIGUEZ, Martín "Cochise" Colombia
2. 1967 RINCON Gustavo Colombia
3. 1968 RODRIGUEZ, Martín "Cochise" Colombia
4. 1969 PACHON Alvaro Colombia
5. 1970 PACHON Alvaro Colombia
6. 1971 RODRIGUEZ, Martín "Cochise" Colombia
7. 1972 SAMACA Miguel Colombia
8. 1973 BERMUDEZ Santos Venezuela
9. 1974 PACHON Alvaro Colombia
10. 1975 FONTES Fernando Venezuela
11. 1976 FONTES Fernando Venezuela
12. 1977 JIMENEZ Patrocinio Colombia
13. 1978 RODRIGUEZ Efraín Venezuela
14. 1979 HERNANDEZ José Venezuela
15. 1980 ARCILA Epifanio Venezuela
16. 1981 SIACHOQUE Carlos Colombia
17. 1982 GALEITDINOV Ramazan URSS
18. 1983 MEDINA Mario Venezuela
19. 1984 ALBA Carlos Venezuela
20. 1985 LINDARTE José Venezuela
21. 1986 ALONSO Eduardo Colombia
22. 1987 VILLAMIZAR Elio Venezuela
23. 1988 EKIMOV Vjatceslav URSS
24. 1989 MORENO Luis Felipe Colombia
25. 1990 DIAZ José Vicente Colombia
26. 1991 CAMARGO Angel Colombia
27. 1992 BARROSO Luis Venezuela
28. 1993 SIERRA Leonardo Venezuela
29. 1994 MENDEZ Alexis Venezuela
30. 1995 MAYA Carlos Venezuela
31. 1996 GOMEZ Raúl Colombia
32. 1997 SALAZAR César Venezuela
33. 1998 BLANCO Julio César Venezuela
34. 1999 SALAMANCA Aldrin Venezuela
35. 2000 VASQUEZ Noel Venezuela
36. 2001 VASQUEZ Noel Venezuela
37. 2002 VARGAS Freddy Venezuela
38. 2003 MUÑOZ Hernan Colombia
39. 2004 RUJANO José Venezuela
40. 2005 RUJANO José Venezuela
41. 2006 MEDINA Manuel Venezuela
42 .2007 BUENAHORA Hernán Colombia

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