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Frank VDB in DOMO-shirt again?
By Celine Tytgadt
Date: 6/25/2002
Frank VDB in DOMO-shirt again?
“VDB can race again!” is the headline of the cyclingpages of Sportplanet. Apparently, there is a real chance that Frank Vandenbroucke – nicknames Belgians problemchild – might be racing even in the DOMO-shirt, for the team he raced before he was arrested for possession of certain drugs.

TAS has decided today that Frank can race again. Domo-manager Patrick Lefevere told the press that he wouldn’t mind having Frank back in his team. Vandenbroucke was sentenced to a six-month ban by the Belgian union due to drugs possession. He then appealed to that sentence at TAS, the high court of the sport.

The defence of VDB was that the Belgian Cycling Union wasn’t allowed to suspend the rider. The disciplinairy commission of the Flemish Community is. Those have to rule on this on Thursday.

In the mean time, Frank can race although he still has to request a new licence. As soon as that is ok, he can race again. With which team this will be, remains a question.

Manager Patrick Lefevere of Domo-Farm Frites reqcts happily to this ruling of the international sporttribunal (TAS). After founding the drugs in his house, he was fired on the spot by Domo. The past few weeks, it appeaered that they were getting closer again.

“If Frank will start racing for us again? I have talked with our sponsors about this before. None of them are really against having hinm back in our team” according to Patrick Lefevere. Domo does want to wait until Thursday for the ruling of the Flemish Community.

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