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Dutch national championships
By Anita van Crey
Date: 6/23/2002
Dutch national championships
For the second time in a row the eastern city of Nijmegen hosts pros, amateurs and women competing for the red-white and blue jersey.
In all the years the championshipbattle was on, most of the times the south and more hilly part of Holland, Limburg, was the place to be. Only a few times in recent history the national championships were held elsewhere. After a try in Rhenen last year the organisation of it decided to return (after two championships in 1958 and 1959)to Nijmegen, a city known in the world famous for its 4-days of walking (the Vierdaagse).

Compared to last year there are some changes in the route in an attempt to make the race even more interesting. With the nationals taking place in the south sprinters and less talented climbers never could get near the jersey. That changed last year, when semi-Aussie and Mercuryrider Jans Koerts beat Rudie Kemna from Bankgiroloterij-Batavus. This year the riders will too ride a more hilly road, the Zevenheuvelenweg (litt. the sevenhillsroad). The little climb near the Canadian warcemetry can be decisive for the results after 14 laps.


In 1883 the 'Nederlandsche Velocipedistenbond' (Dutch cyclingunion) was founded. The name changed soon in 'Algemeen Nederlandsch Wielrijders Bond'. This ANWB nowaday still excists, merely taking care off all things to do with roads and signs and so on in Holland.
To make the public than more accuinted with cycling a racetrack was opened in Nijmegen, an oval with the lenght of a bit more than 330 meter. It was the first track in Holland. Many international and national races took place there.
Some of the races were competions such as 'ride slowly' and 'ride with yourhand not on the stear'. In this last competition this years winners will take part for only a short period of time, when the rais their arms in victory crossing the finishline as champion.

In the upcoming days some info on the main contenders is to be read here also.


Groesbeekseweg (start), Nijmeegsebaan, Nieuweweg, De Siep, Zevenheuvelenweg, Zevenheuvelenweg - Bosweg, Watertorenweg, Leeuwerikweg, Kerstendalseweg, Oude Kleefsebaan, Berg en Dalseweg, Sophiaweg, Postweg, Broerdijk, Postweg, Gelderselaan, Groesbeekseweg (finish).


Saturday 29. June 2002
10 laps = 152 km.
Start 9.00 h.
Finish 12.30 h.

7 laps= 106 km.
Start 13.45 h.
Finish 16.35 h.

Sunday 30. June 2002
14 laps = 213 km.
Start 12.30 h.
Finish 17.20 h.


1. Jans Koerts (Mcy)

2. Rudie Kemna (Bbt)

3. Louis de Koning (*El.2)

4. Michael Boogerd (Ned-Rab)

5. Jurgen van Pelt (*El.2)

6. Remco van der Ven (Bbt)

7. Berry Hoedemakers (Tcl)

8. Steven de Jongh (Rab)

9. Raymond Meijs (Tcl)

10. Stefan van Dijk (Bbt)

11. Jurgen de Jong (*El.2)

12. Paul van Schalen (Tcl)

13. Marcel Luppes (Axa)

14. Bert Hiemstra (Bbt)

15. Peter van der Velden (*El.2)

16. Aart Vierhouten (Rab)

17. Marco Engels (*El.2)

18. Rick Pieterse (*El.2)

19. Remko Kramer (*El.2)

20. Jos Lucassen (Tcl)

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