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HP Classic: Early Break Sticks
By Manny Samaniego
Date: 6/22/2002
HP Classic: Early Break Sticks
Saturn Team Press Release

The 88 mile Stage 7 of the HP Women's Challenge featured a three kilometer climb that the 83 remaining riders raced up two times with a lot of flat, open, hot and windy conditions in between the climb. An early break of thirteen riders left the main group very early in the race; however, without any threat to Judith Arndt's lead, Saturn was content to let the break stay away.

Within the break, the highest rider on the GC was Modesta Vzensniauskaite (Lithuania), 19 minutes down and all teams were relaxed save for the Rona Team. Intent on trying to come to terms with the break, Rona chased for 30 kilometers, before finally relenting with 10 kilometers to go. Arndt and Bruckner watched second place Jeanson so as not to allow her to gain any time on Arndt, however other than that task, they relaxed and recovered after yesterday's intense effort.

Eventual winner Anita Valen (Sponsor Service) enjoyed a much deserved victory after working the break for many miles. She attacked the break at the one kilometer to go mark and held her slight lead until the finish. Doppmann was second in front of Vzensniauskaite.

Arndt, Bruckner and Jeanson finished together nearly four minutes back on winner Valen, maintaining the overall standings with Arndt leading Jeanson by 1:20 and Bruckner by 1:34.

Tomorrow is the downtown criterium. An excellent event for spectators, it never fails to be a showdown of the field sprinters, a promised relief after the past days in the mountains and the wind.

Stage 7 Results

1. Anita Valen (Norway, Sponsor Services) 3:21:47

2. Priska Doppmann (Switzerland, Goldy's) +1"

3. Modesta Vzisnauskaite (Lit., Lithuanian Nat.) s.t.

4. Nicole Demars (Canada, BOISE) s.t.

5. Kim Anderson (United States, T Mobile) s.t.

6. Solrun Flataas (Norway, Sponsor Services) +11"

7. Silvia Valsecchi (Italy, Itera) +18"

8. Cybil Diguistini (Canada, Canadian National) +37"

9. Melissa Sanborn (USA, Intermountain Orthopedic) +45"

10. Anne Samplonius (Canada, Canadian National) +46"

General Classification

1. Judith Arndt (Germany, Saturn) 18:18:37

2. Genevieve Jeanson (Canada, Rona) 1:20

3. Kimberly Bruckner (United States, Saturn) 1:34

4. Valentina Polkhanova (Russia, Itera) 3:52

5. Lyne Bessette (Canada, Canadian National) 4:18

6. Amber Neben (United States, T Mobile) 5:06

7. Rasa Polikeviciute (Lit., Lithuanian National) 10:08

8. Sue Palmer-Komar (Canada, Canadian National) 11:40

9. Leah Goldstein (Canada, BOISE) 12:04

10. Caroline Alexander (G. Britain, British National)14:48

Thanks to the Saturn Cycling Team for the report.

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