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2006 UCI Road World Championships - Men's Elite TT Part 1
By Staff
Date: 9/21/2006
2006 UCI Road World Championships - Men's Elite TT Part 1

2006 UCI Road World Championships
Men's Elite Time Trial

Official Start list, start times and jersey numbers
for the Elite Mens Individual Time Trial.

Start Time - Number - Name- Country - UCI Reg.
13:30:00 53 HOFFMANN Erik NAM19810822 NAM
13:32:00 52 VAUGRENARD Benoît FRA19820105 FRA
13:34:00 51 TUFT Svein CAN19770509 CAN
13:36:00 50 SZEKERES Csaba HUN19770130 HUN
13:38:00 49 SCHÄR Michael SUI19860929 SUI
13:40:00 48 ROHREGGER Thomas AUT19821223 AUT
13:42:00 47 O'LOUGHLIN David IRL19780429 IRL
13:44:00 46 LÖVKVIST Thomas SWE19840404 SWE
13:46:00 45 KRIVTSOV Yuriy UKR19790207 UKR
13:48:00 44 KORNILOV Vitaly LAT19790717 LAT
13:50:00 43 VANDBORG Brian Bach DEN19811204 DEN
13:52:00 42 SHKARPETA Denis UZB19811109 UZB
13:54:00 41 REMAK Zoltan SVK19770115 SVK
13:56:00 40 PEREZ ARANGO Marlon Alirio COL19760110 COL
13:58:00 39 NICACIO Pedro BRA19811013 BRA
14:00:00 38 MAZUR Peter POL19821202 POL
14:02:00 37 LUTTENBERGER Peter AUT19721213 AUT
14:04:00 36 KERN Christophe FRA19810118 FRA
14:06:00 35 IVANOV Ruslan MDA19731218 MDA
14:08:00 34 HESJEDAL Ryder CAN19801209 CAN
14:10:00 33 GAZVODA Gregor SLO19811015 SLO
14:12:00 32 FOSTERVOLD Knut Anders NOR19711004 NOR
14:14:00 31 BONILLA Adrian CRC19780428 CRC
14:16:00 30 BESPALOV Alexander RUS19810510 RUS
14:18:00 29 BALDWIN Christopher USA19751015 USA
14:20:00 28 KIRYIENKA Vasili BLR19810628 BLR
14:22:00 27 HELMINEN Matti FIN19750814 FIN
14:24:00 26 BELOHVOSCIKS Raivis LAT19760121 LAT
14:26:00 25 RABON Frantisek CZE19830926 CZE
14:28:00 24 GRIVKO Andriy UKR19830807 UKR
14:30:00 23 GEORGE David RSA19760223 RSA
14:32:00 22 SOSENKA Ondrej CZE19751209 CZE
14:34:00 21 HUNTER Robert RSA19770422 RSA
14:36:00 20 McCANN David IRL19730317 IRL
14:38:00 19 POSTHUMA Joost NED19810308 NED
14:40:00 18 DAY Ben AUS19781211 AUS
14:42:00 17 DEVOLDER STIJN BEL19790829 BEL
14:44:00 16 LARSSON Gustav SWE19800920 SWE
14:46:00 15 CLEMENT Stef NED19820924 NED
14:48:00 14 PINOTTI Marco ITA19760225 ITA
14:50:00 13 KLÖDEN Andreas GER19750622 GER
14:52:00 12 HOSTE Leif BEL19770717 BEL
14:54:00 11 GUSEV Vladimir RUS19820704 RUS
14:56:00 10 NIBALI Vincenzo ITA19841114 ITA
14:58:00 9 LANG Sebastian GER19790915 GER
15:00:00 8 ZABRISKIE David USA19790112 USA
15:02:00 7 KASHECHKIN Andrey KAZ19800321 KAZ
15:04:00 6 BODROGI Laszlo HUN19761211 HUN
15:06:00 5 MILLAR David GBR19770104 GBR
15:08:00 4 VINOKUROV Alexandr KAZ19730916 KAZ
15:10:00 3 GUTIERREZ PALACIOS José Ivan ESP19781127 ESP
15:12:00 2 CANCELLARA Fabian SUI19810318 SUI
15:14:00 1 ROGERS Michael AUS19791220 AUS


Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the Elite Men's ITT at the UCI World Road Champs from Salzburg, Austria. The contest runs over a tough parcours of 50.3 kms whose profile you could see above.

1400 CEST - The race got underway in excellent weather conditions at 0130 PM local time, with Erik Hoffmann of Namibia as first starter, and France's Vaugrenard following. Third at the startline was Sven Tuft of Canada, while amongst the other riders coming in this erly part opf the race worthy of mention was the 1984-born Swedish talent Thomas Lovkvist, who easily set the best time at the first check (km. 10.1).

1405 CEST - The home crowd give veteran Peter Luttenberger a louder cheer as he sprints down the ramp to start his effort. He's been a pro since 1995. The local TV director also, unsurprisingly, focuses the camera on the Austrian rider.

Danish rider Brian Vandborg has posted a new best time at the 10.1km mark, beating fellow Scandinavian Lovkvist by 17 seconds. Bear in mind, folks, that the U23 winner Dominique Cornu clocked 18:02 at the 10.1km checkpoint. That will be a tough time to beat for many of the Elite men: anything under 18 minutes will show who is going well.

1415 CEST - Brazilian Pedro Nicacio struggles up towards the first checkpoint, looking up the road to see how far the climb goes. Meanwhile, Costa Rican Adrian Bonilla starts his ride - just one more rider and then Chris Baldwin sets off.
Luttenberger, spurred on by home fans, has gone off like a rocket, taking the second fastest time at the 10.1km check - 14 seconds behind Vandborg.

1420 CEST - Chris Baldwin, the second American in the field, starts his ride. He could be one of the early pacesetters.

In the meantime Benoit Vaugrenard of France caught and passed first starter Hoffmann, who got underway two minutes earlier. And - needless to say - he set the best time (out of two riders) at the km. 35 check. But Svein Taft of Canada came and did better than both of them, courtesy of a good 47'56"49.

David O'Loughlin of Ireland has scored time #11 at the first check. It was a poor start for Matti Helminen of Finland instead: the Profel Ziegler CT rider unclipped when the starter said 'Go'! He won the Chrono Champenois (1.2) recently in France, though he doesn't have the pedigree to challenge the top 20 today.

1425 CEST - Vinokourov warms up near the start area, and so is doing his "alter ego" Kashechkin, while another former Soviet man, Latvia's own Raivis Belohvosciks, is on the road. Do you remember this man? The former Lampre rider and winner of the Three Days of De Panne? He's faded from the limelight somewhat, now playing his trade with Team Universal Caffè. Still, he's always been strong against the clock.

Next at the start is the Czech athlete Frantisek Rabon, with Ukraine's Andriy Grivko following. As the talented Ukrainian sets off, we're almost down to the last 20 riders.

Russia's Bespalov sets time #6 at the km. 10 check, while the Irishman David O'Loughlin takes second fastest at the 35km mark, 15"62 slower than Tuft. Good riding by the Navigators man. But Almost immediately, Thomas Lövkvist comes through and gets the best time there - 47'37", 19 seconds better than Tuft.

1430 CEST - Good news for North America as Hesjedal (CAN) and Baldwin (USA) have the second and third best time at the km. 10.1 check respectively! Baldwin is 11 seconds down on Vandborg only.

Yuri Krivtsov of Ukraine just knocks Tuft into third on the road at the second check, with a time of 47'54".

Well, well, there are always some surprises in this event, and Belarus' own Vasili Kiryienka (OTC Doors) could provide one. He's just set the fastest time of 14'21" at the first check. But Belohvosicks of Latvia isn't far off Kiryienka at the 10.1km check - 14'24", just 3.18 seconds down. Still, he doesn't look at ease climbing.

Sven Tuft of Canada crossed the finishing line and comfortably improved the time set by France's Vaugrenard by almost two minutes. But when it comes to the km. 35 check, the North American has the fith best so far only, with Denis Shkarpeta also doing better than him at that point.

Also at the second check, Brian Vandborg confirms that he's on a good day - 45'48": he's almost two minutes faster than Lövkvist!

1445 CEST - With about 15 riders to go Kirienka, Belovoschiks, Vandborg and Grivko have scored the top 4 times at the km. 10 check. with Hesjedal and Baldwin down to 5th and 6th place respectively.

Stijn Devolder gets out of the blocks - Cornu's win yesterday made have boosted morale in the Belgian camp. Still, we don't think this young man needs it, after a fantastic Vuelta where he climbed with some of the best in the world.

Michael Schaer is 500m out from the finish, but already a minute behind the 1'04'57" standard set by current leader (at the line) Svein Tuft. The Swiss finishes third at 1'06"56 - he's still young though, lots of time to get to the quality of compatriot Cancellara. Csaba Szekeres from Hungary is no threat to Tuft either, as he comes in 5th, over 4 minutes behind the Canadian. Even Hoffmann of Namibia set a better time than the Hungarian.

David O'Loughlin from the Emerald Isle, who plies his trade with Navigators, comes to the finish, sprinting all-out... 1h05'14 - good enough for provisional second, 17 seconds behind Tuft. And Italy's talented TT specialist Marco Pinotti is in the road too.

Next to the finish line is Thomas Lövkivst, who comes in second clocking 01h05'11", over 13 seconds behind Tuft; but at the same time the Swede quickly knocks the Irishman down to third.

1455 CEST - The favourites at the startgate, gearing up for their rides, will be noting Vandborg's progress carefully. He is the man to beat. At the moment.

Vandborg is flying!!! He comes up to the finish - it's 01h02'04"! That's 02"52 faster than Tuft, an average of over 49km/h !! He was 21st last year, but we have this feeling he'll be a lot higher this time round. Vandborg can barely walk: he gets to his feet, hobbles gingerly to the bike. Such is the price of a good time...

Andreas Kloden and Leif Hoste have both left the start - now the big names cometh thick and fast. Ruslan Ivanov of Moldova has the eight time at the km. 35 point, thus kicking Marlon Pérez of Colombia down to ninth. This is not big news however, as neither guys can be regarded as serious medal threats anyway.

Next at the startline was one of Italy's best prospects, Vincenzo "Shark of the Strait" Nibali. The man from Messina, Sicily, is just 21, but alreaday showed many a good times how talented he's is. Still, he may be a bit too young to be picked as a likely top three finisher today.

1500 CEST - Sole Canadian Ryder Hesjedal is third through the second check, with 47'17", just two seconds behind second-placed Luttenberger, who is a long way behind Vandborg ...

Stijn Devolder is fifth fastest through the 10.1km check, 14'40" - 18 seconds behind Kiryienka, who still holds the best time there.

For all you millions and millions of Uzbeks reading this: Denis Shkarpeta crosses the line in sixth with 01h05'57"! Just ahead of him, it's Marlon Perez of Colombia - 01h05'39", usurping sixth position on the road. Still, barely ten riders have finished.

For all of you in Uzbekistan and the other ones around the planet too: we remind you that Vandborg, Tuft, Loevkvist and O'Loughlin are still the proud holders of the top 4 spots at the finishing line at the moment.

Zoltan Remak (Slovakia) comes across the line in 01h09'16" - one second ahead of lanterne rouge Csaba Szekeres.

Another Hungarian, Laszlo Bodrogi comes out of the blocks now and starts his own challenge agianst the clock. He'll probably be wanting to a bit better than poor old Csaba. There's just five riders left at this point, the next one being no less than David Millar.

Andreas Kloden (Germany), one of the contenders, is only tenth fastest through the 10.1km check, with 14'48". He'll have to rectify that over the next kilometres if he stands a chance of medal contention.

1507 CEST - The biggest roar of the day is reserved for Peter Luttenberger, as he comes into the home straight. He's into second with 01h04'24", a great time for the veteran.

Both Millar and Vinokourov are now underway, btw. David Millar, is the hope of Britain while victory here would be the icing on the cake for the Vuelta Champ.

Vladimir Gusev goes over the first check in 14'38" - sixth fastest, 17 secs down on Kirienka, thus kicking Stijn Devolder down to seventh. It all depends on how Gusev rides the next section. Not a long time earlier, Leif Hoste did better than both of them however.

Great ride - so far - by Nibali. The Italian got off to an excellent start, and is just six seconds down on Kirienka at the km. 10 check.

Raivis Belohvosciks (Latvia) shows his pedigree with 46'06" at the 35km mark, 18 seconds down on Vandborg. In fact, he's the only man remotely near the Dane at that point so far. Meanwhile, 2005 silver medallist José Ivan Gutierrez starts.

1513 CEST - Ryder Hesjedal crosses the line... 1'04'24 - same time as Luttenberger, but a hair's breadth faster, so he's second on the road. Sebastian Lang is also going well on the way to the 10.1km check.

Fabian Cancellara has also left the starthouse - now there's just defending champ Rogers to go.

WOW! David Zabriskie has the new best time at the first check! 14'16 - five seconds quicker than Kiryienka.

The Belarusian has the second time also at the 35km. check, with Brian Vandborg on the top, and the Grivko (46'02") & Belovhosciks duo taking the other top 4 spots there (thus far, as usual).

1515 CEST - By the way, Rogers has gone. Can he make it four titles in a row?

Andrey Kasheckin was ... 21st at the first time check! No less than 40 secs down on current leader Zabriskie. We suppose all of his chances to figure on this podium too after the Vuelta are already gone for the Kazakh.

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