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World Road Champs - Elite Women's ITT Live Coverage
By Staff
Date: 9/20/2006
World Road Champs - Elite Women's ITT Live Coverage

Hello everyone, and welcome to our live coverage of the 2006 Road World Champs from Salzburg, Austria. The yearly event, not featuring the Junior riders this time, kicks off Wednesday around midday local time, with the Elite Women challenging each other and the clock for the gold, silver and bronze medals. The race runs over the following, definitely challenging (as you can see in the profile below) parcours of 26.2 kms.

39 ZAMOLSKA Magdalena POL19850408 12:00:00
38 VALSECCHI Silvia ITA19820719 12:01:30
37 MORENO ALLUE Maribel ESP19810102 12:03:00
36 KOZLIKOVA Lada CZE19791008 12:04:30
35 VAN RIE An BEL19740609 12:06:00
34 VILLUMSEN Linda DEN19850409 12:07:30
33 GUNNEWIJK Loes NED19801127 12:09:00
32 LI Meifang CHN19780820 12:10:30
31 KLEMENCIC Blaza SLO19800311 12:12:00
30 SAMPLONIUS Anne CAN19680211 12:13:30
29 JUNGMEIER Baerbel AUT19750708 12:15:00
27 HURIKOVA Tereza CZE19870211 12:18:00
26 HANSEN Trine DEN19750511 12:19:30
25 GRASSI HERRERA G. MEX19760829 12:21:00
24 SHPYLEVAYA Iryna UKR19850820 12:22:30
23 BRZEZNA Paulina POL19810910 12:24:00
22 BOYARSKAYA Natalia RUS19830227 12:25:30
21 WATT Kathryn AUS19640911 12:27:00
20 PITEL Edwige FRA19670604 12:28:30
19 SOEDER Christiane AUT19750115 12:30:00
18 WRUBLESKI Alex CAN19840531 12:31:30
17 JUODVALKYTE Urte LTU19861223 12:33:00
16 WORRACK Trixi GER19810928 12:34:30
15 DOPPMANN Priska SUI19710510 12:36:00
14 THORBURN Christine USA19690917 12:37:30
13 WOOD Oenone AUS19800924 12:39:00
12 GUDERZO Tatiana ITA19840822 12:40:30
11 LONGO-CIPRELLI Jean. FRA19581031 12:42:00
10 NEBEN Amber USA19750218 12:43:30
9 BUBNENKOVA Svetlana RUS19730102 12:45:00
8 PUCINSKAITE Edita LTU19751127 12:46:30
7 ARNDT Judith GER19760723 12:48:00
6 LJUNGSKOG Susanne SWE19760316 12:49:30
5 ARMSTRONG Kristin USA19730811 12:51:00
4 BRAENDLI Nicole SUI19790618 12:52:30
3 COOKE Nicole GBR19830413 12:54:00
2 ZABIROVA Zulfiya KAZ19731219 12:55:30
1 THUERIG Karin SUI19720704

1230 CEST - The race got underway under the sunny skies of northern Austria at noon (CEST), with Poland's Magdalena Zamolska getting the honor of kicking off the 2006 edition of the road world champs, followed by Italy's Silvia Valsecchi, with Spain's Maribel Moreno Allue and Belgium's Ann Van Rie coming next. More athletes from Denmark (the talented Linda Villumsen), the Netherlands (Loes Gunnewijk), plus Slovenia's only contender Blaza Klemencic, and even China, also made it to the startline in this very early part of the contest. First updates from the time checks to come in a moment.

1240 CEST - Valsecchi the young Italian set the best time at the first check (after about 10 kms) doing better than her Polish colleague by 52 seconds. And the Italian set the festest time (38h37'86") at the finish line too, but immediately afterwards she was kicked off the top sot as the fast Lada Kozlikova from the Czech Republic came and crossed the line in an excellent time of 36'10"59. Maribel Moreno couldn't improve her time, and is currently second, over a minute down on Kozlikova. Ann Van Rie finished in 38'00"47.

Linda Villumsen of Denmark sets the second (provisional) best time as she comes to the finish line, the Scandinavian is about 47 seconds down on current leader Lada Kozlikova. Loes Gunnewijk of Holland clocks the third time thus far: about 37'50".

Decent performance by China's Meifang Li. The Asian athlete finished the race with a time slightly under 37'50", taking fourth place in the current ranking; she did better than Spain's Moreno by about five secs.

1250 CEST - News from first time check (10.1 km into the race): the mighty German Trixi Worrack couldn't improve Kozlikova's great time: she's battling with Villumsen over the second best time so far at this point of the parcours.

And news from the finish line too, with Canada's Anne Samplonius that can't do better than Kozlikova. In the meantime the US top athlete Kristin Armstrong and Switzerland's Nicole Braendli started their respective performances.

Great result by another Czech rider: Tereza Hurikova set the second time (about 36'40"), so that we have two girls from the same nation in the top two places at the moment. Nicole Cooke is on the parcours, by the way, and so is Switzerland'ìs Priska Doppmann, who's also reportedly having a fast ride: she set the second best time at the first check. Her compatriot Karin Thuerig is (was) the last one to take the start.

1300 CEST - Cycling legand Jeannie Longo at the first time check (km. 10.1); she's a good tenth, in a time of 16'24"88. The performance put in by Denmark's Trine Hasen whio just crossed the line was quite poor instead, as she lost over 02'15" to the Czech provisional gold medallist. Amber Neben clocked the fifth time at the 10.1-km. check, doing worse than leader Lada Kozlikova by slightly under 35 seconds.

Russia's Natalia Boyarskaya comes to the line and sets the second best time by a whisker: 36'39"92. About half a second better than Hurikova. Ukraine's Shpyleyava is just 15 at the finish line (thus far) instead.

Judith Arndt of Germany sets a time of 16'10"95 at the 10.1-km. check. She's 43'38" down on the Czech leader of the race. This ain't any good for her. France's Edvige Pitel sets the fifth time as she crosses the line, thus kicking Asutralia's Kathryn Watt out of the top ten sport. Austria's Soeder improves her time by 14 secs as she crosses the line in 37'00"26.

But here comes Kristin Armstrong, and she's having a helluva race: the athlete in stars and stripes is second at the first time check, in a time of 15'34"90, she's just 07'33" down on Kozlikova, but leads Doppmann by close to a dozen seconds.

Poor performance by Nicole Brandli in this first part of the parcors: the Swiss sets the 12th time only.

Nicole Cooke is just fifth at the same point, twenty two seconds down on Kozlikova!

Germany's Worrack at the finish line: she takes second place in a time of 35'23"65, e.g. doing worse than Kozlikova by 13'06".

But here comes Priska Doppmann, and the Swiss sets the fastest time: 35'59"98!!. She rode well faster than Kozlikova in the second half of the route!

And Christine Thorburn improves Priska Doppman's time by close to 25 seconds!! So now we have a rider from the United States in the lead.

Switzerland's Karin Thuerig sets the third best time of all at the first time check.

With about a dozen riders to go, we have got Christine Thornburn (USA) in the gold medal spot, with Priska Doppmann (Swi) and Lada Kozlikova (Cze) in the other top three places. With a dozen riders to go, yes!

Oenone Wood sets the fifteenth time at the finish liney, doing slightly better than fellow Aussie Kathryn Watt. Italy's Tatiana Guderzo does better than both of them: she's 12th in a time of about 37'40", but over 02'05" down on the current race leader from the U.S. Good performance by Madame Jeannie: 27 years after her World Cup debut Mrs. Longo-Ciprelli finishes in a time of 37'23"38, that's the 10th time, 01'49'13" down on Thornburn. Fans at the line have nothing but applauses for the athlate from Grenoble, France.

Another U.S. rider to the line: Amber Neben sets the fifth time so far; Svetlana Bubnenkova proves unable to do as good as her, but good enough to kick Longo out of the the top ten spots. 10th time for the Russian.

1325 CEST - Here's Judith Arndt, that doesn't put Thornburn's lead in jeopardy: the German is sixth at the finish line.

The greatest threat to Christine's gold medal comes from nobody else than her compatriot Kristin Armstrong, who's getting closer and closer to the line. Here comes the Americn, and here comes the new leader!

Armstrong clocked a (winning?) time of 35'04"89, close to 30 seconds better than her fellow countrywoman. We've got two US athletes in the top two places now!!

And we have an all-Swiss battle for third place. Well, not really, as Nicole Brendli absolutely cannot do better than Priska Doppemann; she can't get even closer to Germany's Arndt: her time at the line is the 10th time only: 36'46"48, over 01'40" down on (Kristin) Armstrong.

Here comes Nicole Cooke, and she sets the 4th time: 36'00"57, e.g. 55"68 worse than Armstrong. Cooke stays fourth as Zulfiya Zabirova of Kazakhstan crosses the line in a time of 36'03"71, that's the fifth time (58'82" down on the leader).

And here comes Karin Thuerig, but she cannot better Armstrong's time either, and this means that ...


Thuerig's performance was worse than Armstrong's by 25'57", but lso good enough to kick compatriot Priska Doppmann off the podium, as well as Americn Thornburn down to spot number three (by about four secs).

So, again, here's the first medal winners in the 2006 Road World Champs at Salzburg, Austria.


Two podium finishers from the United States, and one Swiss sandwiched in between, while on the other side of the coin the powerful contenders from Germany and Eastern Europe had quite lousy performances today.

Here's the TOP 10 RESULTS of the Elite Women's ITT:
1. Kristin Armstrong (USA) - 35'04"89
2. Karin Thürig (SWI) - at 26"
3. Christine Thorburn (USA) - at 30"
4. Priska Doppmann (SWI) - at 55"
5. Nicole Cooke (GBR) - at 56"
6. Zulfiya Zabirova (KAZ) - at 59"
7. Judith Arndt (GER) - 01'05"
8. Lada Kozlikova (CZE) - 01'06"
9. Trixi Worrack (GER) - 01'19"
10. Amber Neben (USA) - 01'27"

Full race results to follow.

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