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Here you will find stories and facts about the Cycling Center in Oostende, Belgium, and the ABC-AITOS Team, including rider bios and diaries, about the sponsors and the entire entourage of Bernard's team, like the "mum" of the house, Bernard's wife, who is crucial for the Cycling Center's home-away-from-home feeling. Check back often for new additions!


General Information


The Cycling Center Homepage

The Cycling Center: How it all began - 22 May


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Brian Adams 



Hotton Interclub (UCI 1.6) - 1 June 2002

The People You Meet - 29 June 2002

Tour de Suisse - 3 July 2002

GP de la Ville de Pérenchies UCI (1.6) France - 8th August 2002

Random thoughts - 9th August 2002

Bad things always come in threes - 11th August 2002


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Pete Barlin 


Factfile: Available soon!

Diary - 04 July 2002

24th July 2002

Almost a Podium Finish and a Wedding - 8th August 2002

Tour of Antwerp day 1 - 9th August 2002


Jacob Fetty

Home Page - Email


Where was he and what has he done? - 7th August 2002

The race in France seen through Jacob Fetty's eyes - 8th August 2002  


Austin King




Daniel RJ Rooke

Homepage - Email


The cycling center: progress and diaries - 22nd July 2002


 Michael Scherer


The cycling center: progress and diaries - 22nd July 2002


Jed Schneider

Home Page - Email

Introducing Jed Schneider: a Mid-season Roundup - 18 June 2002

Winning is... - 19th June 2002

Flats in the rain are about the worst - 10th July 2002

Le Tour des Trois Villes ...a.k.a...Ronde van Verdoeme - 22nd July 2002

Broomers - 9th August 2002


Nick White


Factfile: Available soon!

The Carnival of Frustration or How I got Involved in this Kermesse - 16 June 2002

The VDB fiasco: a lot less than I would like to say - 29th June 2002

The Promised Land - 3 July 2002

Thanking the winds and learning how to fly - 19th July 2002

Wondering around in Paris - 2nd August 2002


Travis Wilky



Travis Wilky and His Bike - 5th June 2002 

A Day of Learning - 13 June 2002

Another Day of Racing in De Haan - 19th June 2002

Travis Wilky and his bike - 25th June 2002

Just another day of racing and making pain a friend - 1st July 2002

Summer Adventures in Europe - 8th August 2002



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