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33rd Giro d’Italia Under 26

"Baby Giro" 13-22 June 2003


Photos courtesy of Viris Vigevano-Eurothermo Team, all rights reserved.

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Pretty in pink - Part 1: Nicola Del Puppo in Asola, being "greeted" before the start of Stage 4. He lost the overall leader's jersey the following day though...


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Pretty in pink - Part 2: ... and lost it Paolo Bailetti (GS Pagnoncelli), here casting a glance at the camera before the start of stage six, the first one for him in pink colors. He'll keep the "Maglia Rosa" for a few days, just to surrender it to ...


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Pretty in pink - Part 3: ... to Lithuanian Dainius Kairelis of course, the 3-time stage winner that will take it all the way to the final podium. Here's the man in the last day of the competition


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Kairelis rides with the Cyber Team Faresin Modal outfit, whose soigneur and mechanic you can see in this image, taken at the feeding zone during Stage 5


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Stage 2: The peloton at the feeding zone, in the Col San Martino climb


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Riders from different teams gathering together in Casalecchio di Reno before the start of Stage 6


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A tribute to the beautiful landscapes of Molise. The pic was taken during the ninth and final stage (Casacalenda-Casacalenda) in an area of central Italy severely hit by the earthquake of October 31, 2002


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Last but not least, a tribute to the fans, and in particular to a group of girl scouts that helped the Giro organizers (pic taken at Casacalenda during Stage 9)


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