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33rd Giro d’Italia Under 26

"Baby Giro" 13-22 June 2003


Photos courtesy of Viris Vigevano-Eurothermo Team, all rights reserved.

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The Viris Vegevano-Eurothermo Team...
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Viris Vigevano's fastman Giacomo Vinoni poses in front of the camera before the start of  Stage 2


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24-year-old Antonio Marotti in the team bus


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One of the team's two overall contenders, young Matteo Gregianin, at the start of Stage 8B, the decisive ITT finishing into Sepino Terme


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The other GC contender, Russia's Andrei Karpatchev, signing on at Flesso D'Artico before Stage 3. Karpatchev was into the Top 10 places overall for most of the race, but lost all of his chances in the "Queen stage" (Stage 7: Montegranaro to Tolentino, km. 164)


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Viris climber Matteo Gregianin before the start of Stage 6


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... and after the end of the same stage!


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21-year-old Diego Vailati Facchini in the "race of truth" (also known as stage 8B)


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Vailati Facchini before the start of Stage 6


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