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87th Giro d'Italia
Stage 20 - Clusone - Milano
30 May 2004


Photos by Fabio, all rights reserved.


The stage winner was the first to climb
the podium after the stage end

But later came Maglia Rosa Damiano Cunego, who could
finally raise his arms: he has won!

And lift his well-earned Trophy

Champagne Rosa:
Boy Damiano can finally uncork his bottle

And it looks like he enjoys that

Though not to the delight of the girls around. Or maybe yes?

This young man is terrible: after beating all the veterans in
the bunch, "Scamp" Damiano goes on the attack
of Giro boss Carmine Castellano :-)

After their (presumed?) conflicts in the past days,
Damiano Cunego and Gibo Simoni share
podium honors in Milano.

The Top 3 Finishers (L to R: Honchar, Cunego, Simoni)
smiling on the podium. With two "pretty in white"
creatures besides them.

The Saecos smile after throwing their hats to the fans

The Saeco boys lift their hero ...

as well as Team Manager Giuseppe "Martino" Martinelli,
who won the Giro also with Simoni. And Pantani.

While Cunego is busy greeting a teammate,
Simoni attacks him with a very dangerous weapon:

No time for taking a break: right after winning the Giro
Damiano starts his build-up for his Olympic bid ...

... but in a different discipline: hat-throwing

Petacchi wearing the Points competition winner
Cyclamen Jersey

Champagne Ciclamino:
Ale-Jet and his bottle of all-Italian Spumante

And seems to like it

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