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87th Giro d'Italia
Stage 20 - Clusone - Milano
30 May 2004


Photos by Fabio, all rights reserved.



A few minutes before the peloton came, a strange character -
promoting a candidate of the upcoming local elections
 - reached the final straight on his bike...

... to the amusement of the crowd for sure.
Whether they'll vote for him or not,
is a whole different matter

But shortly after it was the Red Army
that stormed into Milan with the
rest of the pack following

and with Damiano Cunego and his Guard of Honour

And Alessandro Petacchi on their wheels

But the Sprinter Gentleman has his "Guard of Honour" too

Another pic featuring the two stars of the 87th Giro d'Italia:
Damiano Cunego on the left, Ale-Jet on the right

The peloton riding in the Milan urban landscape

Who are these guys?

And who's this one?

More from the bunch in Milano's Corso Venezia street.
The man in the red-and-white chequered jersey
 is Croatia's National Champion Radoslav Rogina (Tenax);
 the man in blue on the right is Intergiro king
Raffaele Illiano (Selle Italia)

A Lampreman at the bottom of the peloton

With all the Panarias behind him, trying to regain the bunch

Our man Radoslav Rogina inside the bunch, one lap later

The Tenax guys displayed their fighting attitude also
the final day, with Slovene Dean Podgornik
going on a solo attack

... but the Fassas immediately took matters into their hands
and started the chase

To the delight of Petacchi, who had another winning sprint.
Here's Marco Velo starting the leadout with 300m to go

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